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Woodlands Academy

Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Week 7 wc18May20



Daily Arithmetic Problems

Try to complete 3 questions each day.

Daily Reasoning Problems

Try to complete 3 each day.


60 Second Reads

Time yourself as you read the text.

Circle the last word you read as the timer goes off.

How many words have you read?

Can you read quicker each day?

Read the whole text again and answer the questions.

‘Meet the Vet’

This text has been broken up into sections so it can be read throughout the week. After each section there are questions to check
understanding. Children should attempt to read this independently and parents are advised to support only where children are finding the reading too difficult.
At the end of the week, children should be able to explain what the story was all about.



Practice spellings daily - use the menu on the class web pages to choose a different fun activity to help you practise.
Group A: Adding suffixes to words ending in [-y]
copied, happiest, cried, replied
Group B: Words beginning with the consonant blend [pl-] plum, plant, play, plow, planet


Tuesday - Science - Carnivore, herbivore or omnivore?

Look at the PowerPoint on our class pages. Can you write a definition for the words carnivore, herbivore and omnivore?

Then, play the animal diet game.

Wednesday - PSHE - Relationships: Our Special People

Read through the powerpoint lesson and complete the activities as you do.

Thursday - Art - Through the Keyhole



Use the picture below and copy some of the poses.  Hold for a few seconds and then change.

Picture 1