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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy

Week 5 - wc4May20


This week's timetable is a little bit different because Friday is a very special day.

All week, you are invited to learn about what this special day is and prepare for your own celebration.

I cannot wait for you to share your photographs with us by email (Y2@ and on our Woodlands Facebook page (

Have fun!



Money worksheet for Wednesday and coins worksheet for Thursday

Daily Arithmetic Problems

Try to complete 5 questions each day.

Daily Reasoning Problems

Try to complete 1 every day.


60 Second Reads

Time yourself as you read the text.

Circle the last word you read as the timer went off.

How many words did you read?

Can you read quicker each day?

Read the whole text again and answer the questions.

75th Anniversary of VE Day - powerpoint

Read through the powerpoint and then answer the questions at the end.

Linked to this reading activity is today's project activity...

Complete the sentence:-

'It is important to remember VE Day because...' 

Victory in Europe text for Wednesday


Winston Churchill's speech for Thursday.


Thursday - Make a newspaper front page for VE Day

Here is an example of a real newspaper from VE Day



You could print and colour this Union Flag bunting as a decoration for VE Day.

Morse Code

Can you use the code to work out the messages?

Can you write your own Morse code message in dots and dashes?