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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy

Week 1 - wc23Mar20

Home learning timetable


Book Review


Read a book and draw a picture to illustrate the main character, a setting or a memorable moment in the book. 

Write an explanation of what the book is all about. 

Next, write if you would recommend it to a friend, explaining your reasons. 

Finally, write three facts about the book.


60 second reads


Use one of these daily to practice reading fluency and comprehension. The aim is to see how many words your child can read in 60 seconds and then make a note of this. Your child should then try and beat that score the next time around. There are also some questions that your child can answer to practice their comprehension skills.

I have also left the answers attached (for grown up use!).


Daily Arithmetic and Reasoning Practise Booklets


You have the whole week to complete the arithmetic booklet and the reasoning booklet.

There is a script to read to children for the first few reasoning questions.

It is recommended you complete just a few questions a day but, if you want to do them all in one go and would like to do more, take a look in the 'extra challenge' for more practise booklets.