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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy



This week the children have all tried really hard with the assessments that we have done in class. End of KS1 official SATs were cancelled this year but we allowed the children to take a previous assessment so that this backs up our teacher assessment of each child. These are not assessments of which you will find out the results, they are just to give us as teachers an idea of which areas of the curriculum the children are stronger in and those of which they need more support in.


This week we have given children time to do some free writing. This has consisted of them choosing a story book, finding their favourite character and writing about it. We have also given them to opportunity to write about whatever they have wanted to. Some children have really shown off the skills that they have been learning and have tried really hard.


This week we have made bird's nests in the outdoor area using natural resources. The children worked really hard and thought about what the birds might use for their nest. 

We have also been working on our map skills and following compass points.