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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy



In maths we have been recapping shape this week. We have looked at 2D and 3D shape properties and then had a go at sorting them in different ways.


In English we have been finishing our writing journey by writing the story of 'Honestly, Red Riding Hood is Rotten'. We have been trying to include lots of writing skills in our writing this week.


In project this week we have looked at Science and Art. In Science we have focused on the human body, labelling the basic parts and talking about the importance of each part. We have also learnt about what keeps our body healthy, including eating healthy, exercising regularly, sleeping enough and keeping our bodies and teeth clean and looked after. The children enjoyed thinking about the human body importance and really considered how to look after it.


In Art we have been taking our time to draw woodland creatures. We discussed what our creatures would need such as a head, body, fur and a tail. We then added some colours to them.


This week on Wednesday, we celebrated Bastille Day by learning about all things French. We found France on a map in an atlas, located the capital city and surrounding countries. We then designed a new structure that could possibly be made on the 300th anniversary of Bastille Day. The rest of the afternoon was spent tasting a baguette and a croissant and writing about what they tasted like. We also learnt some French words.