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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy





This week in English we are nearing the end of our book journey. We have been focusing on skills such as using contractions, past tense verbs and sequencing events. This is in preparation for our hot task next week, where we will be writing our narratives.


In maths we have been revising addition and over the next few weeks we are recapping lots of skills we have learnt in Year 2, ready for when the children go up to year 3. Some of the methods the children have found hard to remember so it would be great to go over them at home.


In project we went outside to build a den as a team. We used tarpaulin, string, pegs, camouflage nets and any big sticks and twigs that we found. Take a look through our pictures to see how we got on.

We have been exploring our outdoor area this week to identify habitats and microhabitats. We have also been looking for different plants in the environment. While we were outside, we noticed some bugs liviing in their microhabitats.

Below are some of the photos taken by the children using the iPads.