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Woodlands Academy

Remote Learning

Remote Learning


In order to ensure that learning is continued if an individual pupil or group of pupils are required to self-isolate due to Covid-19 we have worked hard to develop a remote learning plan that will support pupils, staff and parents in understanding the expectations for remote learning.


This is a plan that will adapt during the year as we respond to feedback from pupils, staff and parents on the effectiveness and impact of our remote learning routines.


If an individual pupil is self-isolating but the rest of their class is still in school.


If the child is unwell with symptoms consistent with Covid-19, parents should inform the office immediately and work will not be provided. As with all illnesses, the child should rest and make a full recovery before they resume their learning.


Short term self-isolation


If the child is self-isolating for a short period (1-2 days) whilst awaiting the result of a test for a family member and the child is fit and well they should use their school logins to access the online learning platforms they are familiar with using at school such as:


Maths – Times Table Rockstars

English – Spelling Shed


Children can also complete home learning activities from the homework menu provided at the start of the term. They may also access the online daily lessons from Oak National Academy which is in line with the National Curriculum. Your child should also complete 30 minutes daily reading and this should be recorded in their Reading Record.


14 day self-isolation


If your child is self-isolating because of a positive test within the household and they will be absent from school for 14 days inform the school office to report their absence in the usual way.  Children will be provided with a pack of home learning that is focused on developing basic skills within their year group expectations.


Children may also access the online daily lessons from Oak National Academy which is in line with the National Curriculum. Your child should also complete 30 minutes daily reading and this should be recorded in their Reading Record.



If a whole class group is required to self-isolate because of a case of Covid-19 in their bubble.


Staff will inform parents to explain the reason for self-isolation and to inform them of the home learning expectations which are compulsory.


Class teachers will provide daily resources for their class; these resources will be posted on Google Classroom and uploaded to the school website. Daily plans will consist of:


  • Reading lesson
  • Writing lesson
  • Maths lesson
  • Project lesson – this will cover foundation subjects


Teachers will schedule a Google classroom meeting with the children and parents for the following day (after isolation). In this meeting the teacher will discuss the remote learning arrangements and expectations. Teachers will also share a timetable of learning – this will consist of core subject lessons, a non-core lesson and a whole class reading session per day.


Using Google classroom, the Class teacher will upload the home learning timetable and any relevant resources to ensure the parents and child/ren have access to the resources prior to the online learning sessions. Teaching assistants will be able to support the Class teacher in identifying resources.


The Class teacher will share links to appropriate lessons from Oak National lessons through the home learning timetable, which will be available on Google classroom. Teachers will then be accessible to children through Google classroom so that any issues or re-teaching can be delivered live. Teaching assistants will also access the Google classroom live lessons so that they can support children.


Completed work should be uploaded onto Google classroom. Teachers can then review the work completed and ensure that the following day’s lesson addresses misconceptions etc. Feedback and queries can take place throughout the day using either Google classroom or phone calls home, depending on the teacher’s preference. Those children that need additional support following feedback are to be directed to the Google classroom meeting for that lesson with attendance expected.


In the event of teachers becoming ill, support staff will be required to ‘takeover’ the Google classroom account with resources being identified by the other phase teachers.

Please see the Privacy Notice located under the Key information tab for further information on how we manage data inline with GDPR Regulations.