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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy




We will keep this page updated regularly with lots of information about what we have been learning and other key information.


Meet The Team!


EYFS Leader - Mr Elliott.

Reception 1 Class Teacher – Mrs Stanhope.

Reception 2 Class Teacher – Mrs Matthews.

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Catlyn.

Teaching Assistant - Miss Jackson.

HLTA - Mrs Bell.

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Herriman.


In the Curiosity Cube this week...

This week Reception have been exploring the story of the Little Red Hen, which is a folktale about the importance of hard work and the value of helping one another.  The book tells the story of a hen who finds some wheat and decides to make some bread, but none of the other farm animals will help her. Eventually she makes some bread herself and when the other animals ask to have some, she eats it all herself! The moral of this story is that hard work pays off, but laziness has consequences; if we all helped each other, we would be able to benefit more.


The children were excited to do some baking this week just like the Little Red Hen! “We’re making our own yummy bread!”




Tasting Vegetable Soup

Farm shop role play

Stars of the Week

Phonics at Woodlands

What is Phonics?


Phonics is a method of learning to read and write. Phonics works by breaking each word up into its individual sounds before blending those sounds back together to make the word.  Children learn to 'decode' words by breaking it down into sounds rather than having to memorise 1,000's of words individually. 

In school, we follow the Read, Write, Inc. Phonics programme. It starts with simple letter sounds that we build up into small words. We have a daily Phonics lesson which starts with 20-minute sessions and builds up throughout the year to almost 1 hour. Before your child can start to read, they need to learn to:

· Say the sound that is represented by each letter or groups of letters. These are called ‘Speed sounds’.

· How to blend the sounds together in a word to read it, e.g. c-a-t       cat. This is called ‘sound-blending’.

Your child will begin with Sounds Set 1 and will follow a particular order. Each week, your child will learn 4 new sounds. In our first week, your child will learn: m, a, s, d. We will send out lots of information to help support you with the teaching of Phonics at home.


Here you can watch this video to find out what you need to know about Daily Phonics Lessons.

Parent video: What is Read Write Inc Phonics

Parent video: Introduction to Daily Read Write Inc. Phonics Lessons

Watch this video to find out what you need to know about Daily Phonics Lessons.Click here to download our YouTube Speed Sounds Lessons Schedule: form our web...


Stars of the Week


In the Curiosity Cube this week...

Building with wooden blocks and shaving foam!


Shaving cream is an amazing, messy, sensory experience that uses all five senses of touch, sight, smell, sound and even taste (though tasting is not encouraged!). This building activity is great because it attracts children that might not be eager to play with blocks, but the shaving cream is just too novel to skip! For children who do love blocks, the addition of shaving cream gets them thinking about one of their favourite activities in a new light. This activity creates curiosity in children and enables them to reflect on what they are doing, developing a love of learning and encouraging them to take the initiative. The children got busy building houses, castles, towers...



This week we introduced the children to the woods and outdoor classroom. The children enjoyed getting hands-on exploring the properties of shapes by making shapes with sticks. The shapes in most classrooms are standard in appearance, so often children assume that shapes have to look a certain way. This activity enabled children to apply their knowledge of shapes by creating them, and then exploring their properties by experimenting with their creations.



In the Curiosity Cube this week...

Parent video: Why read to your child?

Parent video: 10 things to think about when you read to your child

WEEK 1&2

A new year – a fantastic start! The children have started school very keen, ready to tackle new challenges ahead and are all looking very smart in their uniforms. Thank you very much for supporting your child during their first transition week in school. The children have settled into school life well and have adapted to their new routines with ease.

Alongside child initiated play, we will be using a range of topics, to support and extend the children’s learning. Our Autumn Term topic this half term is ‘How much do you love me?’


Here are some photographs of the children’s first week:

Bastille Day

Week 5 

Fit For Life!

Keeping fit and getting ready for Yr1

Woodlands Euro 2020

Week 4 

Our amazing home learning... continued. 

We are so grateful to all the children and parents who have put so much effect into the home learning. We truely are so proud of the work you've achieved at home. Each day we have celebrated your child's achievements and had fun with our friends. 

This week our learning question is: How can you stay safe in the sun?

Look out below for Reception's Sun Safe Superstars! 

See you back in school (later this week) Thursday 1st July

Week 3 

Our amazing home learning work

The children have worked so very hard whilst being at home. We have met over Google Classroom to learn each day. Take a look at what we got up to over the week. You will find tasks from, Maths, Phonics and English. 


English/Topic: What is a lighthouse?

Phonics: sh ch th r j v y

Maths: Can I identify even and odd?

For those of us who could still come into school this week we have also been learning about lighthouses.


We made a lighthouse and Mr Grinling.


We painted a lighthouse and wrote a lighthouse fact.


We made cakes for Mr and Mrs Grinling


We wrote a shopping list for Mrs Grinling. 



Week 2 

Topic: Pirates Love Underpants! 

Maths: Sharing


Ahoy Mate! Welcome to our Pirate Page! This week we have learnt all the skills we need to help us become pirates and fulfil the ultimate quest - a treasure hunt, for GOLDEN PANTS! 

We are also really super proud of our maths work this week. The children have been learning how to share objects into 2 or more groups equally. 

Week 1


Welcome Back! This term our learning question is: What can you see in Summer? 

To launch our summer topic, we are reading Billy's Bucket! Billy really wants a bucket for his birthday, but his parents do not seem so bothered. Little do they know the bucket will bring magical adventures for Billy to enjoy. Ask your child, what did you see in Billy's Bucket? We have also been thinking about the seaside and are looking forward to learning more in the coming weeks about how to keep safe in the sun.

Week 6

What a fantastic end to the term!

Do cows drink milk?

We learnt that calves drink milk. 

We tried goats milk. Some of us preferred it to cows milk. Some of us didn't like the taste

We learnt to milk a cow!