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Woodlands Academy

Healing Multi-Academy Trust


Bastille Day

Week 5 

Fit For Life!

Keeping fit and getting ready for Yr1

Woodlands Euro 2020

Week 4 

Our amazing home learning... continued. 

We are so grateful to all the children and parents who have put so much effect into the home learning. We truely are so proud of the work you've achieved at home. Each day we have celebrated your child's achievements and had fun with our friends. 

This week our learning question is: How can you stay safe in the sun?

Look out below for Reception's Sun Safe Superstars! 

See you back in school (later this week) Thursday 1st July

Week 3 

Our amazing home learning work

The children have worked so very hard whilst being at home. We have met over Google Classroom to learn each day. Take a look at what we got up to over the week. You will find tasks from, Maths, Phonics and English. 


English/Topic: What is a lighthouse?

Phonics: sh ch th r j v y

Maths: Can I identify even and odd?

For those of us who could still come into school this week we have also been learning about lighthouses.


We made a lighthouse and Mr Grinling.


We painted a lighthouse and wrote a lighthouse fact.


We made cakes for Mr and Mrs Grinling


We wrote a shopping list for Mrs Grinling. 



Week 2 

Topic: Pirates Love Underpants! 

Maths: Sharing


Ahoy Mate! Welcome to our Pirate Page! This week we have learnt all the skills we need to help us become pirates and fulfil the ultimate quest - a treasure hunt, for GOLDEN PANTS! 

We are also really super proud of our maths work this week. The children have been learning how to share objects into 2 or more groups equally. 

Week 1


Welcome Back! This term our learning question is: What can you see in Summer? 

To launch our summer topic, we are reading Billy's Bucket! Billy really wants a bucket for his birthday, but his parents do not seem so bothered. Little do they know the bucket will bring magical adventures for Billy to enjoy. Ask your child, what did you see in Billy's Bucket? We have also been thinking about the seaside and are looking forward to learning more in the coming weeks about how to keep safe in the sun.

Week 6

What a fantastic end to the term!

Do cows drink milk?

We learnt that calves drink milk. 

We tried goats milk. Some of us preferred it to cows milk. Some of us didn't like the taste

We learnt to milk a cow!

We loved dressing up as Knights Princesses and dragons!

Weeks 4 & 5

Minibeasts Everywhere

Searching for worms!

Term 5 week 3

How many fish are in the ocean?

This week we have learnt lots of facts about sea creatures.

We have been amazed about some of the things we have found out.

Did you know an octopus has 3 hearts and blue blood?

We pretended we went under the ocean.


Still image for this video

We learnt about Noah's Ark

We made shape pictures in teams

Stars of the weeek

Term 5 Week 2

Why are Zebras stripy?


This week we have completed lots of learning around jungle animals.

We set up a zoo in the classroom

Proud Peg Display

We learnt how to play basketball

Stars of the Week

Term 5 Week 1


Do dinosaurs lay egg?


This is our first learning question for this term

We found a dinosaur nest. It had lots of eggs in it