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Woodlands Academy

Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Healing Multi-Academy Trust


 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Reception

This page will be updated regularly.

Welcome to our class page

What an amazing couple of weeks we have had settling in to our new classes and routines. Please keep checking this page for updates and photos showing you all the exciting things we have been doing.

Our topic this term is called 

Will you be my friend?

This is a lovely topic which helps us all get to know each other and make friends with everyone.


Please can the children bring in a photo of their family this week



Hello Reception Children. 

This is our last week of home learning. We hope the ideas and activities have kept you busy. For the last week week we will be looking at the story called The Boy Who Switched Off the Sun and learning all about Space. Please continue to contact us through our email address

It would be great if you could send us any pictures of the activities you have completed at home and we can add them to this page. See the pictures below of what the children in school have been doing. 

Our 2nd week of our new way of learning

Some of our exercise

Still image for this video

We had lots of fun learning in a new way


The week starting the 25th May is half term week. We have put together a timetable of fun activities that you might like to have a go at during the break. Have fun and hopefully we will see you all soon. As always we can be contacted by email We miss you all. Take care 

Half term activities

Hello Everyone


Have you been enjoying the lovely sunshine? This weeks learning is linked to the story Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne. This story is set in a country called. Do you know where Africa is?


Have a go at some of the activities and remember to keep sending us your pictures. You can email us on and one of your teachers will reply as soon as they can.


Keep looking out for other activities and information added daily to keep you busy.


Take care and stay safe


Presently our lives are very different we have had to change to a new normal. We are all immensely proud of how you have all coped and how you are all supporting each other.

The Duchess of Cambridge along with the National Portrait Gallery are asking for communities and families to show, through photographs, how we are all dealing with lock down. This is called the Hold Still competition.

We thought this is an ideal opportunity for us as a school and a community to make our own gallery in school to also show this. You may also want to send your photos into the competition 

For full details of this competition please visit

So do you have any photographs that show an act of kindness, ways you have help someone or your new normal?

This may be your children waving at their grandparents through the window, helping an elderly neighbour or different activities you have tried at home. You may also want to save us any artwork you have produced during this time so we can add it to our gallery. Please email any photos to

If pictures are emailed  to us you are giving permission for these photos to be displayed in school.  

Let’s fill our school with lots of lovely memories of lockdown 2020. When we all return to school it will be lovely to have a keepsake of this memorable time.

Easter Activities

Hope you enjoyed the story Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy

Here are some activities you could try linked to the story.


  1. Could you write a shopping list of things you might take on a journey to the moon?
  2. Could you draw a space rocket? How would you travel to the moon?
  3. Can you build a space rocket? Could you use lego or building blocks or junk materials like cereal boxes or a plastic bottle? If you have some paint could you decorate your rocket.
  4. Could you pretend you go on a journey to the moon. Who will go with you? What is it like on the moon? Do you meet anyone on the moon? Do you have a big box or a washing basket you could use as a pretend rocket? Don't forget to take a bag with your picnic in.
  5. Could you write a letter or a postcard to a friend or your teacher telling them about your journey to the moon.


Take lots of picture of any of these activities and either email them to us or post them on the school Facebook page. 

Whatever Next by Jill Murphy

Still image for this video
Here is a picture of some spring flowers to help you with some of the suggested activities for next week. Maybe you could draw or paint the daffodils and put your pictures on the facebook page. 


Suggested activities for next week

(week beginning Monday 30th March)

Ditty sheets for reading practise PLEASE ONLY USE THESE AS AN ON SCREEN ACTIVITY

Ditty sheets for reading practise PLEASE ONLY USE THESE AS AN ON SCREEN ACTIVITY

Bucket Filler and Stars of the week

Sports Relief

Still image for this video
We wore our sports closed and joined in with some fitness activities
Jack and the Beanstalk week

We planted some magic beans.....a huge beanstalk grew in our classroom

Stars of the Week and Bucket Fillers

We thought about our own Enormous Vegetable Stories

The Enormous Turnip

Term 4

Yummy Porridge!

Goldilocks didn't eat the porridge we made. We thought it was delicious!

2D Shapes

We have investigated 2D shapes. What makes a square a square? How is a rectangle different? 

Cinderella's Carriage

The Prince's Castle

We continued looking at the story of Cinderella


We pretended we were at the ball.

Still image for this video


Week 2 Bucket Fillers and Stars of the week

When thinking about stories set in cold places, we then wanted to learn about animals that live in cold places.

We have started our topic by thinking about stories that are set in cold and snowy places.



Welcome Back to Term 3

This term's topic is called

Can you read me a story? 

We will be looking at fairy tales and traditional tales.


03/12/2019 - We had a brilliant history day, the children had a great time all dressed up!

Still image for this video
Night Time
This week we have learnt about the different things that might happen at night time.

Road Safety





We have been learning about the Hindu Festival Diwali.
We made Diva lamps, Rangoli patterns and Mehndi patterns. We learnt about how families celebrate Diwali. We tired some food that is served during Diwali.

Remember Remember the 5th of November!

This week we have learnt about Bonfire Night.

Houses of Parliament

Some information on what we will be learning about until the end of term

We have had a spooktacular first week back at school!

Dressing Up!

Potion Making and Pumpkin making

Ghost Busters

Phonics information

This week we opened our new loose parts construction area outside. Children have been busy building large scale models, obstacle courses and 'gutter runs' to roll balls along. This promotes teamwork, listening to ideas and trying out those ideas before adapting the plan. Great fun all round and everyone really enjoyed it! We even found some worms living under the tyres!

Recordings from our new loose parts construction area

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video



This week we have been learning about people who help us. We searched round school and found lots of people who help us. We listened to a story about a firefighter called Charlie. We made our own fire engine. Two nurses and 2 policeman came to visit us to tell us how they help people. 




The Robinson Family

We have been learning all about families. We have started talking about the Robinson family. We are going to see these characters a lot when we start our reading. Can you remember their names? 

A selection of pictures from our first few days in Reception! As you will see, lots of great exploration and play going on!




Welcome to our Reception class page!


We have had a wonderful start to the school year and all our children are settling in to new routines more and more each day.


On this page we will regularly update you with information about what has been happening and will be happening.  We will also post pictures and videos of activities from our days to give you a peek at what learning in Reception is all about.  


Please ensure you have returned your permissions form to school so that we are able to include your child's image.



Semi Final Celebrations

Still image for this video
Children in Reception were excited to be wearing red, white and blue in celebration of the Women's World Cup semi final between England and USA! They listened to the rewritten Three Lions (now Three Lionesses) and sang "It's Coming Home" all afternoon!

Semi Final Celebration

Still image for this video
We celebrated the England Women's football team success of playing in the semi final by creating this video! Good luck England!





Naughty Bus

Still image for this video
We were delighted to see that the naughty bus in our story, Naughty Bus, had been on an adventure in the classroom whilst we were all at home!





Which car travelled the furthest?

We have been learning how to measure. We used guttering to make the cars move. We then measured how far they had travelled using string. We then compared the pieces of string to see which car had travelled the furthest.

The Train Ride

We have been looking at a story called The Train Ride

We pretended to go on a train journey and drew what we could see out of the window.





14th June - Children in Reception decided to collect bugs, beetles and spiders using our new outdoor investigation kit, this is what they collected. They also used binoculars to bird watch!





Are We nearly There Yet?

3rd-7th June

Our term 6 topic is all about travel and transport. 

We set up a car wash for the bikes and small cars.

We worked as a team to build a car

Handa's Surprise

We read the story Handa's Surprise. We talked about the different fruits in the story and tried some of them. Everyone really liked the pineapple. We didn't really like the passion fruit!






20/05/2019 Following on from our Dear Zoo video last week, children in Reception wanted to get into our new book The Tiger Who Came to Tea, so we used Pic Collage and went for rides on our tiger colouring pages!





This week we will be reading and learning about The Tiger Who Came to Tea - he has already come to visit us! Ask your child about the story, they will be able to recall more and more information as we progress through the week.





Dear Zoo

Still image for this video
Reception children have been reading Dear Zoo this week, they loved recalling the story and also making this video to share with everyone! Using a green screen, an iPad and Veescope app the children were able to get inside the story!





Term 5

This term our learning question is why do zebras have stripes? We have been finding out about wild animals. We are using our imaginations to pretend we are helping a zoo that is closing down. We have decided which animals need looking after and how we will care for them. We worked in teams to build a habitat for the animal we are caring for. 

Our Animal Habitats






7th April 2019


In response to a few queries about how parents can support their children at home over the Easter holidays.  Reading together for 5-10 minutes a day will make a big difference to your child's reading development, please continue to enjoy books over the holiday time.  Below is a list of websites and apps you may want to explore and share with your child:


Websites: - see Parent Resources and Learning Games tabs (age range 5-7 years) - lots of familiar favourites here - you will need to sign up with an email address but has lots of free content such as books to read and games to play - literacy and maths games - there are lots of activities here for all children, not just those developing English skills



Chatterpix Kids


Teach My Monster To Read


Khan Kids Academy

Jolly Phonics






5th April 2019 - Easter Bonnets! Thank you so much for your effort and time to support your child with their Easter bonnet, they loved them and some didn't take them off all day!






2nd April 2019


To enhance our learning about Easter and its celebrations, Children in Reception visited a local church.  We walked to St.Mark's (and got caught in a downpour of rain!) and sang two songs which we had been practising to parents/carers/friends who had joined us at church.  Katherine, the Team Vicar, told us about the Easter story which included a very delicious looking chocolate egg!  We were really proud of the children's singing performance and enthusiasm for the morning, great fun all round!

Church Singing

Church Singing

Still image for this video

Church Singing

Still image for this video

Church Singing

Still image for this video

26th March 2019


Children have really enjoyed learning about minibeasts, insects and other small creatures.  Some even chose to independently draw the butterfly life cycle!  







19th March 2019


Following on from our previous work using Quiver app to explore AR in the classroom, we turned our attention to Chatterpix Kids.  Children epxlored how to access the app, use the camera and then editing tools to turn the picture into a talking video clip.  They recorded a snippet of sound too!  A great first attempt to use technology for a creative purpose and we cannot wait to see what they develop next, once they have become more familiar with the app!



Super Cat!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video







12th March 2019


Children in Reception classes today were experimenting with augmented reality (AR) using a free app called Quiver.  They spent time writing on and colouring what seemed to be an ordinary colouring sheet, and then when we used the app on our iPad the picture came to life!  We have seen film characters, coffee cups (great for encouraging writing!), unicorns, dogs and dolphins leap off the page before our very eyes! Fantastic fun and lots of great learning!


AR in Reception

Still image for this video

12th March 2019


Olympic swimmer Joe Roebuck visited school today and children in Reception were absolutely enthralled by the stories he told us as well as the activities.  See for yourself how amazing our children were trying out some tiring activities!



Joe's circuit

Still image for this video
Children moved between each station in a small group and spent one minute on each exercise. Great fun!






11th March 2019

It was a beautiful spring day today with the sun shining and wind blowing through the outdoor area.  Whilst outside, children really impressed us with their developing imaginations and speaking skills by describing shapes, animals and dragons they could see in the clouds.  As a teacher, these are moments we cannot plan for and often are the most rewarding when children's ideas and skills surpass our own.  Just 'looking up' can produce these rich conversations, try it yourself, ask your child what they see in the shape of the clouds.













5th March 2019


Pancakes!  Children in Reception enjoyed mixing, making and of course, eating pancakes!  This was an excellent opportunity to talk not only about what happens on Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday, but also about safety and hygiene in a kitchen.  It was the talk of the classroom all afternoon!











1st March 2019


Fluffy update!  Fluffy (our class caterpillar) has become a fully fledged chrysalis!  All of our children are enjoying the daily checks on how Fluffy is and we are looking forward to the emerging butterfly/moth!  What a great experience for our children to see how a life cycle works before our very eyes!












28th February 2019


We have a new voting station in  the Reception classroom!  There will be two books for the children to choose from, please feel free to talk to your child about which story they would like to hear that day and use the cubes to make your vote.  This is a lovely way to introduce essential British values of democracy and voting to young children and hopefully, some fun too!









27th February 2019


Reception children have thoroughly enjoyed stories about minibeasts, particularly The Very Hungry Caterpillar!  So much so that when a caterpillar was found in our outdoor area we quickly decided as a group to keep it, feed it and watch it turn into a beautiful butterfly (on closer inspection we are expecting it to become a moth).  After a discussion and a vote, the caterpillar has been named Fluffy and will be staying safe in a butterfly garden within the classroom.  We are really excited about observing how Fluffy will grow and change.

Fluffy the caterpillar











25th February 2019


Early years took a stroll to our deep, dark wood,

On the way, we saw minibeasts and the minibeasts looked good!


To launch our topic this term investigating "Why Do Ladybirds Have Spots?" we went searching for minibeasts in our very own woodland.  This was a great way to start our topic looking at the natural world around us and all of our children enjoyed spending time in the outdoor classroom and Gruffalo story circle!

Minibeast search












22nd January 2019


We have set up a new Our Work From Home display board in the Reception classroom.  Drawings, writing, photos or anything else which showcases any work you child does at home can be brought in to display until the following Friday when it will be sent back home.  This is a brilliant way to encourage all our children to be creative and use their skills.  We can't wait to see what is brought in!












In Reception we are asking the question 'Can I switch it on?'.  Today this took the form of starting with a small circuit of a buzzer and battery.  Children in Reception began to play and explore the components and simple circuits.  They began to ask "Why?" and "How?" does a battery make it work.  The children experienced how to build a small circuit and what to do when it didn't work.  By the end of the session the children were using batteries, buzzers, small lightbulbs, wires with crocodile clips, motors and propellors!  Fantastic effort to play with and learn more about something new.

Can I switch it on? Pictures from our exploration of circuits, switches and battery power
























This week has been road safety week, the children had a visit from the North East Lincolnshire road safety team who talked about safety near the roads and crossing roads sensibly with an adult. We also looked at a car and compared how hard the car was compared to our soft tummy's. Take a look at what we got up to!!
Our topic for this term is 'Why do squirrels hide their nuts?' the children have completed lots of work, from hiding nuts, to an autumn treasure hunt. Some pictures of our work are below. 

We completed an Autumn treasure hunt, the children found the correct amount of Autumn treasure to match their number.

We have been learning phrases such as; on top of, underneath, behind and next to. The children were hiding their nuts in the cups and whispering to the squirrel where they had hidden them. Pictures are below.

Thank you to all the parents who came to join us for our home made soup and bread, it was lovely to see so many parents come to school to support us. The children really enjoyed it. Here are some pictures below. 

Making the bread; all the children took part in kneading the dough, we got very messy and had good fun!!

Taste time!! Parents came in to share soup, bread and stories with the children, here are some pictures.

This week we are looking at fireworks and the sounds they make. This will be the focus for our writing in our literacy lessons. 

Our work

In our morning books we are starting to write words as well as names and numbers. These are short and the children are able to blend the sounds to read the word. Ask your child if they can read them! 

Phonics - Read Write Inc

So far we have learnt the sounds: m,a,s,d,t,i,n,p,g,o and we are now learning to put them together to be able to read words. Here is some of our amazing work we have done.



This week we have been looking at autumn, we've walked to the outdoor classroom to collect leaves, conkers and apples. We've discussed where they come from, how they feel and what they smell like. We've had some fantastic descriptive words such as spikey, smooth and one child even said that a red autumn leaf looked like it was bleeding. We've been counting and sorting conkers and even using them to make words.  

Autumn week.

We have been so busy last week, here are some pictures of us exploring and learning how to do new things!

Alfie and Robert throwing away their name cards!!!!1

Alfie and Robert are the first two children to be able to write their full names, so proud of them. Well done boys!
Don't forget to keep collecting you stars at home, once you have 5, you can go in the treat box.
Here are some Lovely pictures of some of your children being busy this week :)
This week your children will be starting Read,Write Inc, They will be learning a sound a day and will come home with a sticker of that sound. Ask them each day what that sound is, can they write the sound for you at home?

If your child brings home a piece of paper with a star on, it means they are star of the day, please keep the star and collect 5. Once you have 5, bring them back in and they can go in the Reception Treat Box.

Thank you :)

We have a lovely week in Reception. We have learnt how to squiggle, which is helping us to develop our mark making skills through movement to music. We like to turn the music up and use scarves to dance with. We have also become more independent and now can get a healthy snack and milk by ourselves.

Mrs Catlyn has taught us how to use the play dough shelf properly and we know all the equipment names. Miss Leggett is helping everyone to tidy up independently because we love to keep our classroom tidy.

Mr Lingard has had great fun outside with your boys and girls in the wind.

On Monday 17th September children will be starting to write their names in their name book using their own name card. Can you stay with them and help them please? Children are to use a pencil and write on the page that is dated for them. After they have finished their name, they can get a book and sit with a friend before register time. Thanks Miss Lighton

Our First Day at Big School