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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy


Rocket testing

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We used bottle rockets to test which liquid would send the rocket the furthest. We tested; coke, water and juice. We found that coke sent the rocket 58m and water and juice sent the rocket 45m.


This week we looked at the space shuttle and looked at how it changed space flight. We looked at the different missions that the shuttle took part in like putting the Hubble telescope into orbit. 



In art this week we looked at the art of Vincent Van Gogh. the children talked about how his pictures made them feel. We also discussed what we liked and disliked about the pictures.


This week we have learnt about the first man on the moon - Neil Armstrong. We watched his landing on the moon and found out lots of facts. The children also came up with some more questions for us to find out about him. Ask your child what they know about him.

This week we have started our new project 'Moon Zoom'.

We launched our project by trying to work out which planets our alien friend Zorb had visited on his way to our classroom. We had to use clues and match them to facts cards, which then gave us an order in which Zorb visited them. 


We have also started learning about Yuri Gagarin, who was the first human in space and a pioneer of space travel. We talked about what he experienced in Vostok 1 and how he would have felt.

Attached below are the facts cards and some information about this significant person in History.



This week we have been retelling the islamic story of Prophet Nuh. The children were really engaged with this and wanted to build an ark like Prophet Nuh. 




In PE this week the children tried out some yoga, as well as games outside with our Synergy coach, Mr Coopland.



This week in Science, we looked at what a living thing needs to survive. We did this because in our story Grandad and Syd sail to a tropical island. We consider what they would need to survive like; water, food, shelter and air. We focused on shelters and tried to make shelters in the classroom using different materials and items. It was great to see the team work and the communication the children were showing. Pictures coming soon....



This week, we have been looking at old and new toys and comparing them. We have also placed some items on a timeline to show how things have changed over a period of time.



Our PSHE lesson this week focused on the meaning of family. We discussed who our family are and what they do for us. It was interesting to hear the children's thoughts on this.