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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy



This week we have used 'Just Dance' to practise our dance skills. The children have had to move their body in different directions, change levels, listen to the beat and copy the moves given. We all had lots of fun with this and the children have some great dance moves.

PE Dance

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This week we have learnt about the first man on the moon - Neil Armstrong. We watched his landing on the moon and found out lots of facts. The children also came up with some more questions for us to find out about him. Ask your child what they know about him.


This week we have looked at people who would help us in an emergency. The children now all know that they would call 999 and ask for the service that they need. We have also spoken about hoax calls and how important it is that 999 is only called in a real emergency. We discussed the roles of the police, paramedics, the fire service and the coast guards. We then focused on one in particular and created posters on what paramedics do to help.