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Woodlands Academy

Parenting Support & Information

In this section you can find lots of useful information including websites for support and guidance to help you establish routines and boundaries and get the best out of family life.

Please remember you are doing a great job and it is ok to ask for help and support if you need it. We are here to help!

Useful websites
Here at Woodlands we use the Family Nurture programme to support parents and their families. Here are some of their strategies that you may find useful. They will add more "tools to your toolbox".

Ages and Stages: Helping Children to Grow Up | Transform Family Life

Top tips, watch the video for more:- Pay attention: listening, body language- Step back: develop your self-awareness and know when to let your children be th...

Personal Power and Choices | Transform Family Life

Top tips, watch the video to explore how to: - Make positive choices even when things don't go to plan- Use praise and encouragement to help people improveme...

Behaviour to Ignore, Problem Solving and Negotiating | Transform Family Life

Top tips, watch the video for more:- Empathy is key to develop and maintain emotionally healthy relationships - Behaviours to ignore - Bigging up: how to giv...

Parenting Top Tips

Take a look at these handy 'Step' sheets. Give them a go , you may find they help.