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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy




This week we had our project launch, within which we looked at baby photos of children in our class. The children were really good at identifying their friends, which I thought would be a tricky task. We have taken photocopies of the photos and are going to make a collage display of them soon. We also had a lesson on placing events in order on a timeline. The children enjoyed thinking of events that have happened in their lives, such as when they were a baby, went to school or went on a family day out.

It was a really good launch into our project of Memory box so it will be exciting to see how our project evolves over this half term.



In Religious Education (RE) this week we have focused on the Prophet of Ibrahim. We listened to a story about him and then considered how we treat our friends, linking it back to Ibrahim. Different Prophet stories can be found online.




In PSHE this week, we have looked at what a family is and what a family does for us. We have also considered what groups we might belong to. The children created posters to show what they think their family does for them.