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Woodlands Academy

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The children have been working so hard with our first chapter of Maths No Problem, as they have been working with numbers up to 100. They have had to read and write numbers, ordering them and notice patterns with them. Next week however, we are moving on to addition with numbers up to 100, which will be a great challenge. 


At home, see if your child can choose three 2 digit numbers randomly and then ordering them from greatest to smallest.



We have been concentrating a lot on our 10 times tables in class and have now started having a times tables test on a Friday. Children have time during the week to access TTRockstars but it would be great if they had some extra time on this at home. Times tables helps with lots of mathematical problems, so the more practise, the better.

At home, go on TTRockstars or practise writing the 10 times tables in order.