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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy



We have been continuing to learn the 2 times tables by reciting it lots in class. We have been using the times tables within our maths lessons too as we have been using our knowledge of multiplying by 2 to help us with dividing by 2. 


This week we have been looking at division as sharing and as grouping. These concepts get confused sometimes but we try to make the children aware that objects can be shared or grouped. For example if I had 20 sweets, I could share them between 2 children and they would each get 10 sweets each, or I could put them in groups of 2 and 10 children would be able to have them. This way of thinking links to the children's understanding of commutative law (20 / 2 = 10 as well as 20 / 10 = 2).