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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy



At Woodlands Academy we aim to deliver our maths curriculum so that all children’s needs are catered for. Through this we support children to gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts that can then be applied in the real world, in different contexts. Children build up their own skills and knowledge, which then allows them to solve problems and create their own, explaining and deepening their own understanding. At Woodlands we build the mathematical foundations for children to become confident mathematicians. The scheme of work we follow, allows teachers to use it as a support for their own misconceptions and teaching points, as well as teaching to the needs of the children in the class. Teachers can also be guided with classroom differentiation as well as planning. Our daily Maths lessons follow a similar pattern and those children who need extra support, have so either from the adults in the classroom or through daily point of need interventions.



The Maths scheme we currently use is White Rose Maths. Each lesson is mapped to the National Curriculum objectives for each year group. The scheme provides a structure to support planning, as well as having the mathematical concepts mapped out for the year, to ensure progression. Children are guided through a hook task to set the scene for the lesson, moving onto independent work and reasoning problems to deepen their understanding. As the children move through the lesson, the questions get more complex and require the children to explore with their own understanding. The children’s journals allow them to show their own independent working and ways of thinking. These books are monitored through a book scrutiny regularly. Children are given the opportunities to apply their learning in different subjects in school, such as weighing ingredients during a design and technology lesson on baking.



Children at Woodlands are tracked and monitored regularly to assess progress. Throughout each lesson formative assessment takes place and feedback is given through marking and  tasks to ensure that the objectives are met. The teaching of Maths is also monitored through book trawls, learning walks and lesson drop ins. Year 2 and Year 6 use previous SATs testing documents to assess children and Year 1, 3, 4 and 5 use NFER tests to assess progress termly. The data collated after these assessments and through assessment for learning used daily, are used to inform planning and also provide pupils with additional support and higher attaining pupils with challenge. As misconceptions are addressed quickly, children are given opportunities to practise concepts and can articulate their understanding. From this, children can then apply their knowledge and understanding to a variety of contexts and in different ways.



White Rose Maths

At Woodlands we deliver the Maths curriculum through the White Rose Maths Scheme.

White Rose Maths is a company founded within a high-performing, Halifax-based school Trust. Their work with teachers, practitioners, pupils, parents and carers is all aimed at one thing: helping every child and young person to understand, enjoy and succeed in maths. They do this by developing understanding. By truly understanding each maths concept and by mastering learning one step at a time, EVERYONE CAN DO MATHS: EVERYONE CAN!


Areas of the Maths curriculum for Key Stages One and Two

Below are the different areas covered in Maths in Key Stages One and Two. In each section you will find links to websites that can be accessed from home. Please encourage your child/ children to use them and work on areas of Maths that they feel they need more support with. The sections will be updated and added to on a regular basis.


Times tables is a huge part of the maths curriculum and the importance of them is often not emphasised enough.

As children build up their fluency and recall of their times tables facts, they are able to answer questions mentally, rather than using resources or their fingers to work out problems. This not only helps them with their school life, but beyond in the real world, such as when going shopping and working out how much multiple items may cost.


As a school, we have access to TTRockstars, which allows children to practise their times tables recall by playing timed games. Children can play against their friends and can also have tournaments and battles with other classes in school. Every child has their own log in which can be accessed at school or at home, so if you are unsure on the details, please see class teachers. Whilst children are playing the games, the more answers they get correct, the more coins they earn which can be 'spent' in an online shop on the TTRockstars site. In the shop, the children can change the look of their character, the background plus much more so in essence, the more answers the children get correct, the more they can spend!

TTRockstars does not cost you as parents/ carers and can be accessed online - no need for downloading an app!


Below are some links to websites that can help your child at home with their times tables knowledge, including TTRockstars.

Information for parents and carers

Please find website links to information and guidance on how you can support your child/ children at home with their Maths knowledge and skills.