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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy

Home Reading

We advise our families that they can help with phonics, spelling and an understanding of grammar through good communication (plenty of talk) and plenty of reading.  There are many resources and apps available to support children’s phonological development and a quick search on the internet will provide you with lots – a quick conversation with your child’s class teacher will also provide you with some of their favourite resources!


Children who are accessing Read Write Inc. Phonics will receive a second Home-School Reading book which is closely linked to the level that they are on. Some pupils will receive a book from a colour that they have already covered in order to embed their knowledge of certain sounds. The RWI Book band books do not directly link to the NC book banding colours however the chart below shows where we would expect a child on RWI to be in relation to NC book banding. 


Once children complete the Read, Write Inc stages children progress onto Oxford Reading Tree. We have chosen this scheme due to its success in teaching children to read... and love to read.