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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy




This week we have been focusing on sentence writing, using a capital letter and a full stop. We have also been writing expanded noun phrases, which has allowed the children to use an adjective to describe a noun from the story of 'Grandad's Island'. 

At home, you could get your child to practise sentence writing, by writing about what they have done at school or writing something about a story book. You could also have a look at the power point attached to see if your child can practise writing expanded noun phrases.



Once again this week, we have focused our reading mainly around Julia Donaldson books as the children love them and join in with them. On Friday, we listened to a couple of stories from a website called vooks. See link below. 

Well done to the children who have done lots of reading this week at home. From Monday, your child will come home with their new reading book appropriate to their stage of reading and if they choose one, they will also bring home a book to read for pleasure. This will not be mapped to their reading stage, but will be a book they have chosen to share with you at home. These will be required to come back to school on a Friday with the reading book.



We had our first spelling test in year 2 on Friday and it was clear to see who had practise them at home, so well done to those children at home. The spellings that get sent home are age appropriate and so are Year 2 spelling patterns. It would be greatly appreciated if you could spend some time practising these at home with your child, on the sheet that goes home on a Friday. On this week's sheet I have added the score they received on their Friday test so you can see what they got. Spellings can also be practised on the Spelling shed/ Ed shed website. The details for this are in the children's reading diaries on the first page. If there are any issues with signing in, please let me know. I set the children an assignment each week to complete some of the activities linked to the sound of the week. This week's sound is -ge. This sounds like -j when said in words, like the spelling -dge from last week. See the spelling sheet below and the link to the appropriate website.













This week we have looked at the ay, ee, igh and ow sounds.

Children need to be building on their phonics knowledge constantly and revisiting the sounds that they know, which will also help to  build their fluency when reading. As the children in year 2 didn't manage to have the phonics screening test in yyear 1 due to school closure, the children will be expected to take a phonics screening test in the second half of the Autumn term. This will be kept really low key and there is never any huge emphasis on it being 'a test'. If the children do not meet the pass mark, then they will be required to resit the test again in the Summer term, when year 1 sit theirs. There are lots of practise materials that can be found online if you wish to support your child at home with this.

At home, when reading and writing, get your child to sound out the words and blend back together to spell or read.