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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy



We have continued to focus on the book by Benji Davies, 'Grandad's Island'. The children are thoroughly enjoying this and it is becoming more exciting the more we read.  This week we have identified some new vocabulary and tried to use some of these in our writing. Some of the words are listed below:


oceans of rooftops


rolling waves



We have been making sure our sentences make sense and include a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end, as well as having fingers spaces in between words.

At home, children could be practising writing sentences about books or about something they have done.



During class reader time at the end of the day, we have been reading books by Julia Donaldson. Her books are beautifully written and mostly rhyme, as well as having lovely illustrations. The children quite often join in with parts of her stories, as they are easy to follow and remember. Some of her books have been made into short films for children to watch and these are available on BBC or youtube. Below are a couple of links to some.

At home, children could read any story books they have, to practise their reading and then make up some questions that they have about the story. This may be about the setting, characters or what is going on.






We are now using a spelling scheme in school called Spelling Shed, which can be accessed at home. In your children's reading record book, they have their username and log in, as well as the web address that can be typed in. As school books and diaries are being kept in school over the weekends at the moment, it might be worthwhile making a note of the log in details your child needs, to be able to access the programme at home.

This week's spellings focus on the sound -dge, which sounds like a -j sound.

At home, children could play games on the Spelling Shed website or use the worksheet that was sent home.



We have spent some time the last 2 weeks, assessing which sounds the children know and the sounds that they are unsure of. This has allowed us to plan where to start from within our Read, Write, Inc phonics programme. There are lots of games and online resources that can be used to support your children at home, in addition to what we are already doing in school. Below are some links to resources you may find useful.

At home, children could be practising sounding out words in books, on signs or on anything with print on in the home. The online games are also useful for practising with sounds.