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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy

Class 9

Welcome to our page!

Welcome to class 9, our new class teacher is Miss Campbell, our TA is Mr Walters.

A polite reminder that children will need their PE kit on Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Spellings and homework are sent home on Friday and the children will be tested the following Friday (After the Easter break). All spellings can be found on the spelling section of this page.
All children are required to read a minimum of three times a week. Please make sure you read and that your diary signed. 

Jubilee Celebrations

As part of the Queen's jubilee celebrations, we are practising some songs to sing on the day, they can be found below...


Week Ending 18.3.22



On Monday and Tuesday, class 9 took part in Bikeability. Monday morning was spent in the playground, making sure all bikes were safe and everything was working as it should. We then spent some time listening to advice and following instructions and preparing for our time in the local community cycling on the roads. On Tuesday, the children were again out on the roads. The weather was beautiful and the children thoroughly enjoyed the course. Well done to everybody involved. 


Red Nose Day/ Comic Relief 


It was lovely to see all of the children's costumes on Friday.  We had Nurses, Doctors, Emergency service worker and even Miss Campbell as super girl. 




What an amazing effort from class 9 this week . We had three days of 100 % and we were just beaten by class 8 , 0.01% in it. Let's make sure that trophy is in our classroom next time. I am so proud of the class. 

World Book Day 2022

We had such a great time on World Book Day. All of the children looked amazing, well done to all of those involved in creating and putting together the amazing costumes the children wore. We spent some time discussing our costumes and our favourite characters and stories. We watched the author of our fantastic class text, 'The Nowhere Emporium' read a chapter and we completed a book day word search. 

Have a look at the photographs in the folder below!

 Friday 25th February

We had a really enjoyable week in class 9, all of the children are feeling refreshed after the half term break. Our learning question in project for this half term is 'What makes a great explorer?'. In Geography we looked at the breathtaking Northern Lights and found out how and why they happen. The children then used Ipads to research the best locations to see these spectacular sights. 


In English, we began to read our new text, 'Survivor' by Stephen Davies. We examined the front cover and made informed predictions about the story. On Friday, we learnt all about historical people who actually travelled on the real Titanic ship, who also appear in our new text.  We left the book at a critical point, all of the children are desperate to see what happens to Jimmy and Omar next. It is so lovely to see the children so engaged and enjoying a book so much!

Speaking of books, we will be celebrating all things 'World book day' this week. The children have been challenged to create a 'story box' at home. I am so excited to see what books class 9 have chosen. In addition to this, we are looking forward to coming into school dressed as our favourite book character on Thursday.




All of the children in class 9 should have brought home a letter about Bikeabiliy on Friday. Please ensure that you sign and return these to School. Your child will not be able to participate if this is not completed.




The children were very excited to create their own Polar animal out of clay...


How fantastic do they look?





Week beginning 7.7.22

This week in class 9.

This week is national children's mental health week. The whole School will be completing different activities and discussing the ways in which we can promote positive mental health and looking at ways in which we can support others in the School community.  Class 9 are currently working on a display that celebrates our achievements and personal growth since September - watch this space for photographs. 

As part of safer internet day on Tuesday, the children will participate in various activities which promote awareness and remind the children of the importance being safe whilst using the internet.. 
As we continue to study the Polar Regions, the children will be sketching a polar animal of their choice and create it using clay and paints in Design and Technology. We are really looking forward to some messy fun and seeing what master pieces are created.

In Maths, we continue to work with fractions. The children are using bar graphs to represent fractions and calculating equivalent fractions and can discuss both improper and mixed fractions. 


Week beginning 24.1.22



The children became researchers in Project this week, using IPads and books to find out as much information as they could about life in The Arctic. Information was collected and recorded in small groups and the children presented their findings to the class. The presentations were recorded on an IPad so we can watch the back and remind ourselves of these important and interesting facts as we continue to investigate the Polar Regions.

In Science we learnt about plants and vegetation in The Arctic. We discussed the adaptations that plants in the Artic have, these help them survive the harsh conditions. The children then drew a cross section of the tundra, a bare patch of land where most of the vegetation grows in The Artic. We looked at the layers: soil, permafrost, ice and then water.

In class 9 our current book is 'The Railway Children' by Edith Nesbit. We have completed two chapters since we returned to School after the Christmas break. All of the children said that they are enjoying the text and are looking forward to finding out what happens next. We love class reader time, it is nice to conclude each day with an enjoyable book.

Spring Term


This Spring term project is all about the Polar Regions. Year 4/5 were introduced to the topic by entering an inflatable planetarium and seeing these amazing places brought to life by a projector.

In Geography we have located both of the Polar Regions and studied their climates, terrain and key features. Ask your child why a Polar Bear and Penguin will never meet in these places.

Year 4/5 are enjoying our beautifully illustrated text 'The Snow Leopard.' Who would have thought that this majestical creature was a singer?

The children had a lot of messy fun in Science, we created a 'Polar Bear Glove.' We looked at the ways in which the animals that live the Polar Regions have evolved and adapted to be able to survive in such harsh conditions. Our experiment was designed to test the effectiveness of a fat layer in animals. The children placed their hand in our specially made Polar Bear Glove and then placed both of their hands in a bowl of icy cold water.

Friday 30th April


This week in our art lessons we used pastels to create our own pictures of the solar system. Sorry if the children came home a little messy but we had so much fun creating them smiley

Wednesday 22nd April 


Project Launch


Welcome back! This week we are launching our new project 'Stargazers'. During this project, the children will be learning all about space and the solar system. It would be fantastic if the children could research this at home and bring in some interesting facts they have found. 


We had a fantastic time dressing time up on Wednesday (some more than others) . wink

How to send work to your teacher guide

Here are some of the sugar skull drawings from this weeks project. Well done every who did them!!!

Sadly, we are learning remotely for the foreseeable future. Your child must access Google Classroom every day Monday - Friday. Any problems please contact reception. Work and pictures will be posted daily so watch this space!!!

First day back after Christmas-dress up

It's been fantastic to have the children back in school this week. We have designed and made clay Christmas decorations which will be painted on Friday. Make sure you come back and have a look at the finished article!

During our History Event Class 9 made Anderson shelters! The children used a variety of materials and had to make sure they would be stable for the Blitz!

Spelling Shed!


Each child has been sent home with their Spelling Shed log-ins. Please encourage your child to have a go every week. Prizes will be given out to the children showing progress! Below is the link to the log on page.


Mr W

Monday 5th October 2020


This week's spellings will be tested on Friday. Children will receive a dojo when they return a completed spelling practice sheet.

Monday 21st September 2020



Project Launch of a Child's War - our project this term. Children came dressed as an evacuee, some with their suitcase of belongings. In Geography we looked at a map of Europe and located the UK, Poland, Germany, Austria, the Czech and Slovak Republics. We tasted 1940s food, spam, potted meat and jam sandwiches plus scones. I was impressed how the children tried new foods and gave their opinion on these. The children also made gas mask boxes and watched how children learnt how to wear them before the war. 

I hope you enjoy the photos we took, where will all these evacuees go?

Evacuee Day

 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Class 9

This page will be updated regularly.

Friday 10th July 2020


Hi Class 9,


So next week is the last week of the strangest academic year ever! Your timetable and resources for next week are above. Thank you to those who have let school know if you are planning to come in for transition the following week. If I didn't get through to you I did leave a voicemail and text. I hope to see you all over those two days at some point! It's such a shame we didn't get to finish the year together but thank you for the time we did get to spend before the school closures! I would like to thank all of the parents and carers for your continued support throughout the year, particularly during the difficult times. I hope you all have an amazing summer (in the circumstances) and wish you and your families the best. Stay safe!!!


Miss you!!


Miss Cunningham :)

Friday 3rd July 2020


Hi Class 9,


I hope you're all well and have had a good week. It was lovely to speak to some of you yesterday, those who I didn't get through to I did leave a message if there was the option. I will be calling again one afternoon this week to let you know which morning you will be in for transition, either Monday 20th July or Tuesday 21st July. Your resources and timetable for next week are above. Let me know if you need anything or want to catch up!


Miss you!


Miss Cunningham 

Friday 26th June 2020


Hi Class 9!

Another week done!! For those who were wondering, the little change was because it was my birthday (another year older frown)! Well done to Amber and Charli for figuring it out and getting in touch with me!! Not the best icon but there wasn't a cake or balloon option. I've had a lovely week but was sad to not get to spend it with you guys like we would have! I hope you're all doing okay! Your timetable and resources for next week are above. Please let me know if you need anything or let me know what you're getting up to,


Missing you as always!! 


Miss Cunningham :)


Friday 19th June 2020


Hi Class 9!


I hope that you are all well and having a good week. Do you notice anything different about our page this week and can you figure out why? Email me if you get it! Please find your timetable and resources for next week above. Let me know if you need anything else and remember to keep me up to date and stay in touch at Enjoy your weekend!


Miss you as always, 


Miss Cunningham smiley


Hi Class 9, 


I hope that you are all well. I'm hoping that this bad weather soon disappears and we can have some sunshine back! Please find your timetable and resources for the week above. Let me know if you need anything else and keep me up to date with what you are getting up to. 


Missing you as always, 


Miss Cunningham 

Hi Class 9, 


I hope you are all well. It has been a very busy week back in school for me! Please find your timetable and resources above. As always, you can contact me by email if you need anything and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Stay safe, 


Miss you all, 


Miss Cunningham :)

Friday 29th May 2020


Hi Class 9!


What a lovely day!! I hope that you're all enjoying the sunshine and that you've had a nice week on 'half term break'! Please find all of your resources next week above. I am going to be in school full time from Monday, I will still be reachable at our email ( but I will be a little slower replying. If you need a quick response regarding something, please contact the office. 


Stay safe!


Miss you all!


Miss Cunningham smiley

Friday 22nd May 2020


Hello Class 9! 


I hope you are all well! We would've been breaking up from school today for our May half term break and I would've been going on a little holiday, never mind. Hopefully, we'll get some sun and my back garden will be good enough instead! There is no expectation for you to do work next week so enjoy a break! However, if you are looking for something to do or get a little bored, please find some activities and resources above to keep you busy. Obviously, if you have any other ideas you can do that too! 


Hope to see you all soon, always missing you!


Stay safe and take care, 


Miss Cunningham :) 

Friday 15th May 2020


Hi Class 9,


I hope you and your families are doing well. Your resources for next week are above, including a 'Sports Day' afternoon on Wednesday. All of KS2 will be taking part, as well as other schools, so it would be great if you do too! I have put the official # on the page so if you wanted to share your activities with others taking part you can. Please keep me up to date with what you're getting up to!


I don't really have much to tell you, as you can imagine! So here's a random picture from my walk today!



Stay safe!


Missing you, as usual!


Miss Cunningham :)

Friday 8th May 2020


Hi Class 9, 


First of all, can I just say a massive thank you to those of you who I got to speak to on the phone at the end of last week (children and parents). It has kept me smiling all week and I loved speaking to you and hearing what you've been doing. I hope you enjoyed learning about VE Day, I saw lots of decorations up whilst I was on my walk today! Your resources for next week are above. Let me know if you need anything and keep me updated on what you're getting up to!


Miss you!


Miss Cunningham :)

Friday 1st May 2020


Hi Class 9,


Hope you're all doing okay!! Please find above your resources for the next week. Work has been planned for the Friday but remember it is a bank holiday so there is no expectation to complete it for Friday! It would be nice to do the toast though. Hopefully you'll enjoy learning about VE Day and celebrate at the end of the week.


Missing you!


Miss Cunningham :)

Hi Class 9,


I hope you and your families are doing okay. All of your resources for next week are above. Please let me know if you need anything else. I know it is hard working at home but keep up the good work!!! Saying that, remember to have breaks between tasks, plenty of free time and do lots of things you enjoy! This week, apart from school work, I have been trying some new recipes and doing some boring house jobs! Also, one of my 'lovely' friends nominated me to run 5 km this week for the 'Run 5, Donate 5, Nominate 5 Challenge'. Not being a runner, I wasn't very impressed but...



I did it!!! This was me after completing the run last night. It was a challenge for me but I felt great afterwards laugh! However, I am resting up today, my legs hurt sad!!! Exercise really does help make you feel better so keep active!! Maybe I'll start running regularly now wink, what do you think?


Anyway Class 9, I hope you have a good week, I have seen a couple of you and what you're getting up to on the Facebook page. Please feel free to get in touch-my emails have been very quiet!


Missing you, as always.


Miss Cunningham smiley 

Friday 17th April 2020


Hi Class 9!


I hope you are all well and managed to have a nice Easter break. I have been trying to keep busy and pass the time by doing lots of jobs in the house and garden plus lots of cooking! I hope you enjoyed our video that we shared with you on the school Facebook page. I have popped it below if you have not seen it or do not have Facebook access.  


Your timetable and resources for next week (20.04.20) are above. If you need anything or would like to show me what you've done then please email :)


Missing you guys!! 


Miss Cunningham :)

We're All In This Together!

Still image for this video
A message from us to you!

Friday 3rd April 2020


Hi Class 9,


I hope you are all well and have had a good week. Thank you to those of you who have posted on the Facebook page or emailed me, I've loved seeing what you've been getting up to and keeping in touch. It has been great to see some of you trying new things, I had a go at baking brownies from scratch for the first time!




What do you think?


As you know, we would have been breaking up today for our Easter holidays so we are not setting you work for the next two weeks. However, Mrs Pearson has very kindly put some Easter activity ideas together if you do want some ideas to keep busy. Anything else you wish to do please do but take a break!! You and your families have been working hard and deserve it!


During the holidays, I'm going to try some more baking, do lots of reading, watch some films and maybe a bit of decorating! 


Hope to hear from you and hopefully see you soon! 


Missing you all, 


Miss Cunningham :) 

Easter Activities

Home Learning Timetable-Week 2 (W.C. 30.03.20)

Hi Class 9!


Hope you and your families are well and had a good week! Here is the work for next week, I will also upload some extra things if you want more to do! Don't forget to email what you are getting up to if you can! 


Missing you all,


Miss Cunningham :)

Home Learning Week 1 (W.C. 23.03.20) Maths Resources

Home Learning Week 1 (W.C. 23.03.20) Timetable

Hi Class 9 children and Class 9 parents/carers! Please check this page each week for updates on home learning during the challenging time, which we have found ourselves in. I will upload all that I can on here to aid you in your/your child's learning and support you the best that I can. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email at and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please state your/your child's name or class in all emails, as I will be responding to Class 9 pupils/parents/carers and Miss Farr will be responding to Class 10. Also please feel free to email me pictures/work that has been completed so that we can celebrate the learning that is taking place! As always, thank you so much for your continuing support. Look after yourselves and I hope to see you soon! Miss Cunningham smiley

Random workouts throughout the day in support of Sport Relief, thanks to The Body Coach, Joe Wicks

5 Minute Workout during registration in support of Sport Relief

Still image for this video

Looking for hidden clues in the outdoor classroom!

Clues found, back to classroom to solve the task in our teams...

From teams to working as a class to put or work together.

Spelling to be tested Friday 7th February

Don't forget, it is our Parent Shared Afternoon next week! We hope to see you on Thursday 6th February 1:45pm-2:45pm. Please attend through the main hall doors.

Spellings-To be tested Friday 31st January

Spellings-To be tested Friday 24th January

Great morning with Lab Rascals!

Changing acids and alkalies

Experimenting with dry ice!

Having fun with Lab Rascals!

Having a go at some drama, creating freeze frames from our book, 'Snow Leopard'

Spellings-To be tested Friday 17th January

Presenting our research about the Himalayas and Himalayan myths to the rest of the class

Spring Term Homework (Frozen Kingdom) Aim to do three pieces before the Easter break! Dojos will be awarded for each piece.

Painting Christmas cards

Making ancient Egyptian amulets

Tasting the honey bread, which we made!

A few photos of our fantastic outfits on our dress up day, celebrating our project on Ancient Egyptians!

Tasting some Egyptian inspired food!

Exploring prime numbers in maths 01.11.19

Great morning at Bradley Pitches for the Tag Rugby Festival

Teagan and Keylan. Winning awards from the Pivotal Skills coaches for their sportsmanship and skills at the Tag Rugby Festival

Some Egyptian flatbread that Amber made for her homework

Class 9 Tag Rugby Festival 15.10.19

Taking part in an archaeological dig at The Collection, Lincoln

Learning about mummification at The Collection, Lincoln

Homework for the Autumn Term (We would like to see a minimum of three pieces completed throughout the term)

Hello! A massive warm welcome to the new Class 9. I am so excited to be starting a new academic year and getting to know you all. We have lots of fun, as well as hard work ahead of us, starting with our topic of "Pharaohs". We will be learning about Ancient Egypt, it is a fantastic project with lots of interesting things to cover. 



Just wanted to say a massive thank you and well done to Class 9 this year (a few missing today on here). Also a massive thank you to parents and families for your continued support throughout the year. You've been a fantastic bunch of children to work with, I am so proud at how far you have come and it has been so lovely to see you all develop and mature. I wish you all the best in Year 6. Have an amazing holiday and stay safe! Miss Cunningham x 



Some art and science during our activity day at Wintringham

Spellings for this week, to be tested on Friday 12th July are:












Spellings for this week, to be tested on Friday 5th July are:












Exploring volume of solids

Spellings for this week, to be tested 28.06.19 are:












We tested our reactions in science this week. We did the "ruler-drop" investigation and worked out averages. We were investigating if our reactions were slower whilst being distracted!

During maths this week, we estimated and found out how many of the class could fit inside a square metre. We managed 15, more than expected! We must be small!

Creating posters about reactions in the outdoor classroom with Class 10

Investigating the area of rectangles this week

Activity Day at Oasis Academy Wintringham


Year 5 have been invited to spend the day at Oasis Academy Wintringham on Wednesday 10th July.  It was a huge success last year.  The activity day is for all children regardless of which secondary school you wish to send them to.  For further details please see the letter which was sent home.  (A copy can also be found in the letters section of our website.)

An arty afternoon, improving our skills using watercolours.

The spellings for this week, to be tested Friday 17th May are:











A couple from our trip to Ormiston, making Viking longboats

Reminder: We will be visiting Ormiston on Wednesday (8th May) for the humanities event. Please ensure that children are at school for 8:30am so that we are able to arrive in time. 

Spellings for this week, to be tested Friday 10th May are:











Time Traveller Homework (Summer Term)

A fantastic effort with Easter bonnets! Well done guys!!

Exploring perimeter

Finding features which make a good non-chronological report

Our session with athlete Joe Roebuck

World Book Day