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Woodlands Academy

Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Class 6

 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Class 6

This page will be updated regularly.

Wednesday 21st April 2021: Creating our own circuits and trying each other's out as part of our project launch!

Tuesday 20th April 2021: Exploring volume and capactiy!

Thursday 1st April 2021: Our finished lighthouses!

Thursday 1st April 2021: Mini Easter egg hunt!

Thursday 1st April 2021: Making some Easter cakes

Tuesday 30th March: Critiquing each other's work to help us improve our writing.

Tuesday 30th March 2021: Exploring mass and using scales to find our own mass!

Monday 29th March 2021-Making a start on our lighthouses!

Friday 26th March 2021


This week Louie achieved our Woodlands Wonderful Work award. He has worked hard independently, as well as in small groups. He is always smiling, which makes everybody else smile. Well done Louie!


Friday 19th March 2021


This week Tillie has achieved our Woodlands Wonderful Work award. She has made a fantastic effort since we have come back to school. She has tried hard in all areas, participated in all lessons and worked hard on her presentation. Well done Tillie!


Wednesday 17th March 2021: Working on improving our vocabulary and having a go at some direct speech.

Friday 12th March 2021


What a fantastic first week having everyone back in school! 

It has been lovely seeing everyone and getting back to work in the classroom. The children have been trying really hard and have settled straight back into school-life.

Keep up the good work and remember to still access TT Rockstars, EdShed and at home when you can.


Miss Cunningham :)


Friday 12th March 2021


This week our Woodlands Wonderful Work award was for a positive start back to school-life. 


A big well done to Olivia for achieving the award this week. She has worked so hard across all subjects as well as showing model behaviour. Great work Olivia!


Wednesday 10th March: Sharing our ideas about our new book 'Flotsam' in our English lesson.

Monday 8th March 2021: Exploring how Jesus chose his apostles

Wednesday 20th January 2021


Below are the links for EdShed, TT Rockstars and Coding. You should have all received a text/ text reminder with your login details.


Just click the links below to access and enter your details.


TT Rockstars



Ed Shed






Tuesday 19th January 2021

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Still image for this video
Love Class 6 x

Friday 18th December 2020


This week our Woodlands Wonderful Work award was for creativity. Vanesa achieved for all of her creative ideas and effort during Christmas crafts this week. Well done Vanesa!


Enjoying The Grinch and treats for our last day of term!

Some of the finished salt dough decorations

Making salt dough decorations...and a mess!

Friday 11th December 2020


What a great end to the week!! We are allowed back to school on Monday laugh! It's been great seeing most of you online but I am so excited to see you in person and we get to do our Christmas things!


It's been a very different week and we've all had to adapt and learn (even I've learnt lots of things).


I just want to take this opportunity to thank both the children and the adults this week. You've been absolutely amazing. Learning at home is a challenge in itself, plus everything that goes with that like house jobs, own work, siblings and of course technology!! Your support has been fantastic so thank you so much adults for helping your children with their learning, getting them online, sending me work and keeping me in the loop. Thank you so much children for working so hard and keeping me smiling. I'm a very proud teacher right now...told you Class 6 are the best wink.


Have a great weekend, 


See you Monday! 


Miss Cunningham x

Some our creative reading spaces whilst isolating at home!

Friday 4th December 2020


Hi Class 6,


What a rubbish end to the week! I'm hoping that you have all managed to access Google Classroom and are ready to begin remote learning from Monday. We have created a timetable for live streams to avoid clashes between siblings within the school/limited devices. I have attached the timetable below for when the live streams will occur. Year 3 times will be 09:45 and 13:15. Although we are only live streaming during these times, I will be logged on Google Classroom during the normal school hours for any questions/looking at work etc. If you have any queries at all please do not hesitate to contact me on Google Classroom, calling school or emailing Thank you so much for all of your support today, it was so nice to get to speak to the majority of parents this afternoon. Missing you already Class 6! See you online!


Miss Cunningham x

Friday 4th December 2020


A great week involving our history event this week. Please scroll down and have a look at what we got up to! 


We decided to use this for our focus for our Woodlands Wonderful Work award this week. Ava-Grace achieved the award this week, she worked so hard over the two days and created some beautiful work. Well done Ava-Grace!




Our My Happy Mind award this week was for happy breathing. Louie achieved this award, he has worked hard to use his character strengths over the past two weeks. He has been kind and supportive towards other children and encouraged others to use happy breathing techniques, as well as modelling how to use the techniques. Well done Louie!


Christmas is coming...

Wednesday 2nd December 2020


Wow! What a fantastic two days celebrating our 1066 project over the history event. A massive well done Class 6, you've really embraced it. There have been fantastic costumes, great amounts of creativity and some amazing work produced. It was a lovely end to our project and you have shown off how much you have learnt this past term. I'm already excited for our next project laugh! Miss Cunningham 



Completing our two day history event with a medieval banquet!

Shields ready, fierce faces ready, battle ready!

Wednesday 2nd December 2020-Painting the goblets that we made yesterday.

Wednesday 2nd December-Designing and making our Norman shields!

Caught reading to Elvis (the mischievous elf that turned up!) throughout today.

Ready for our two day history event!

Friday 27th November 2020-Today we re-enacted Norman's quest in English!

Friday 27th November 2020


This week has been tough! We have spent most of our mornings doing tests but the children have worked really hard and should be very proud. 


Our Woodlands Wonderful Work award was for perseverance during testing and this week has been awarded to Ellie-Mai. She has tried really hard all week, taken her time and maintained a positive attitude the whole time, well done!


Tuesday 24th November-We were excited for our music lesson today!

Friday 20th November 2020


This week our focus for the Woodlands Wonderful Work award was reading. Charlie achieved this, his love of reading shines through all areas are school, which is great for learning. He has also been reading some books linked to our project at home. Well done Charlie!



This week our My Happy Mind focus was using our character strengths. This week Jaydon-Lea achieved this for using his learning strength, as well as his kindness strength. Jaydon-Lea has been trying really hard with his learning and maintaining his positive attitude. He has also been praising others for their efforts. Well done Jaydon-Lea!



Wednesday 18th November-We were exploring Norman's emotions from our book in English today.

Exploring friction on different surfaces and how this affects movement.

Tuesday 17th November-Julia completing the first of her school councillor duties and asking the class for their opinions.

Friday 13th November 2020


Loula-Jo achieved the Golden Book Award this week for always having fantastic behaviour at lunch. Well done Loula-Jo.




Tillie won our My Happy Mind award for using her character strengths. She has been enthusiastic about exploring the world and learning as much as possible, as well as being kind to others and supporting others. Well done Tillie. 


Friday 6th November 2020


Class 6-Miss Cunningham 


Oliwia won our Golden Book Award this week for a good start back to the half term, she consistently has great effort and produces a good quality and quantity of work, well done Oliwia.



Archie achieved the My Happy Mind award this week for his fantastic effort and building positive relationships. He has been a great support to others and is always being kind and caring, well done Archie. 



Class 5-Miss Wilson


Miss Wilson chose Mason for her Golden Book Award for his fantastic start back to the term, he has been trying really hard within lessons. Well done Mason. 




Creating poppies to show our support for Remembrance Day

Monday 2nd November-Well done to our newly appointed school councillor Julia and deputy councillor Charlie!

Friday 23rd October 2020



This week, Faris won our Golden Book Award for a consistent half term. He has worked really hard in all areas, whilst facing his own challenges. Well done Faris!




Riley has won our My Happy Mind Award for building positive relationships and always being kind to others, well done Riley!



Lewis has been chosen by GTSET staff for his fantastic efforts. Well done Lewis. 


Friday 16th October 2020


This week our Woodland's Wonderful Work award was a P.E. focus. Filip achieved this for his consistent effort within P.E. well done!




This week our My Happy Mind award was for happy breathing. Alfie achieved this for using his happy breathing techniques regularly. Well done. 




To celebrate Harvest Festival we prepared some vegetables to make some healthy soup!

Friday 9th October 2020


This week our Woodland's Wonderful Work award was a friendship focus. This week it goes to Darcy, for being a good friend to others, well done!



This week our My Happy Mind award was for believing and achieving. This goes to Julia, who has set herself goals and worked really hard to achieve them, well done. 




We had a great day supporting mental health in our yellow and exploring the subject.

Analysing parts of the Bayeux Tapestry

Louie was very excited to win a prize for his effort in reading with GTSET staff. Well done Louie. 


Our potential school councillors pitching why they should be voted for!

Friday 2nd October 2020


This week our Woodland's Wonderful Work award was for respect.


Jemima achieved this award this week from Miss Cunningham, as she always shows respect to everyone and has also been helping others. 



Leo received this award from Miss Wilson for always showing respect.


Wednesday 30th September


Some of us getting creative and starting our Christmas card designs.



Friday 25th September 2020


This week our theme for the Woodlands Wonderful Work award was being kind. 


Class 6-Miss Cunningham


Riley achieved this award, he is consistently kind to all. He actively goes out of his way to ensure that he is kind. Well done Riley!



Class 5-Miss Wilson


Miss Wilson chose Ashton for her morning group. He had been kind to others and this was also seen within afternoons with Miss Cunningham. Well done Ashton.




Ashton was chosen by GTSET staff for his fantastic skills during football this week, well done Ashton! Two awards in one day!



European Languages Day!

Still image for this video
We had numerous attempts at saying hello in Polish! It was very tricky and our Polish speakers within class think we need some more practise...

Friday 18th September 2020


This week our focus for our Woodlands Wonderful Work award was presentation and taking pride in our work.


Class 6-Miss Cunningham


Kacie-Leigh achieved this award. She has been taking lots of pride within her work and ensuring she takes care, presenting all pieces well. Well done Kacie-Leigh.




Class 5-Miss Wilson


Lewis achieved this award. Miss Wilson chose Lewis for his fantastic handwriting and presentation, this was also noticed within afternoons with Miss Cunningham. Keep up the good work Lewis!


Filip was chosen by GTSET staff this week for his fantastic attitude and sportsman ship during football at breaks/lunches.


Tuesday 15th September 2020-Taking our art outside this afternoon