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Woodlands Academy

Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!



This aboriginal art was spot on.

Baking- In English this week we baked some cakes and then we wrote the instructions.

Finding the inverse of the equation.

Class 2's Pumpkin carving instructions

Pumpkin carving

Still image for this video
The children helped give instructions on how to carve a pumpkin.

Muck, Mess and Mixture project launch

Can I make a number story?

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Can I complete number sentences?

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A child talking through our Maths this week. The child has partitioned the whole number of 7 into two parts. The parts are 2 and 5 and the child has put the parts into a number sentence. 2+5=7

Maths No Problem 7.10.19

Our maths this week 4.10.19

Phonics help

Spellings Test on 4.10.19








Building our Tudor houses.

Building our Tudor houses. 1
Building our Tudor houses. 2
Building our Tudor houses. 3
Building our Tudor houses. 4
Building our Tudor houses. 5
Building our Tudor houses. 6
Building our Tudor houses. 7
Look at our superhero training. 
Welcome back after half term. We are very excited to be looking at superheroes this term. It was great to see all of the pupils dressed up for our project launch. We had a great treasure hunt looking for our superheroes in our outdoor classroom. 

Phonics screening support.

Class 2 would like to thank all those who came to support our pupils. We looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and tried to recreate some of his art work. Here are some of our sculptures. 
Welcome back to Class 2, we are looking forward to having an exciting spring 2 half term. During this half term we will be learning about the Enchanted Woodlands. As a year group we have visit The Classroom in The Woods, during which time the children learnt a wide range of outdoor skills. 

Classroom in The Woods

Welcome back to Class 2 after the festive holidays. 


In this first week we have been doing lots of exciting learning. We found an alien spaceship in our classroom and the pupils have investigated the properties of the items the alien has left behind for us. In our Maths we are working on numbers to twenty the children have been exploring easier methods to count these and how to write the words for the numbers.

Class 2's alien

Class 2's alien  1
Class 2's alien  2
Class 2's alien  3
Class 2's alien  4

Autumn 2

This half term our project is called 'Memory Box.' The children will be looking at objects from the past and what they were like as babies and young children. At the end of the project, the children will be creating a memory box.



We performed our Christmas concert 'Christmas Counts' on Tuesday 11th and 12th December. All the children were amazing and sang the songs beautifully. Thank you for all the parents who came and supported the performances.


On Friday, those children who had read 50 times or more took part in the Reading Challenge afternoon and watched a film- Gnome Alone.


This week, Wednesday 19th is Christmas jumper day and Thursday 20th is the Christmas party. The children finish school at 2pm.

Week Three- 12th November 2018


The spellings for this week are:








Thank you to all of those parents who are support their children with their memory box homework.

This week children need to bring their favourite teddy into school. We will take a photo of the teddy and then children will bring it home with them. Thank you to everyone who has already brought their teddy in.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Our focus in English this half term is to improve our sentence formation, and learn to apply our phonics knowledge. The children are working really hard on improving their sentences and are learning that every sentence needs a capital letter, a full stop, and finger spaces. The children are also using their phonics to sound their words out.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week Two- 5th November 2018


The spellings for this week are:







Book Fair


On Friday, we got the chance to go and have a look at the book fair that is in school until Wednesday 14th November. The children got a chance to look at all the books and then we all read a story together.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Map Work


This week the children have started to look at our local area. We looked at the school on google maps and then we used this map to walk around the school grounds. When we came back into school, we retraced our route and marked this on the map. Next week we are going to go on a walk around the estate.

Visit from Mrs White


After our fun project launch last week, the children wanted to find out about what Mrs Wright was like as a baby. So we wrote an email to her mum, Mrs White, to see if she could come in and answer some of our questions. She came to school and spoke to the children. She told them lots of things and showed the children some photos. Mrs White also bought a teddy with her called Soft who is Mrs Wright's favourite teddy from when she was a baby.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6


Week One- 29th October 2018

The spellings for this week are:








Project Homework

Children will have brought home the homework sheet for this half term. Every week the children have a different piece of homework to bring into school. This work will then be placed in the memory box along with other items.


This week children need to draw or paint a picture of their family and write the names for all the people. They could also bring a photo into school. If the photo is a digital copy you can email to and I can print it out.


Project Launch- Tea and Cake with the parents


The children were busy this week preparing for our project launch. The children made rice crispy cakes and iced biscuits in the DT suite. They then thought of some questions that they wanted to ask the adults about what they were like when they were babies and younger children. We all had a lovely afternoon and thank you to everyone who came.

Week Seven- 15th October


The spellings for this week are:








Penny Wars  


From Monday 15th we are starting Penny Wars! This is a competition throughout school to see which class can fill their container first. The money is going towards the defibrillator that we are fundraising for. We need to fill our container with 1p and 2p coins which will give us 1 or 2 points. However we can be sabotaged and if a 5p or 10p is placed in our container then we will use 5 or 10 points. So please get as many 1p and 2p coins as you can and lets see if Class 2 can fill their container first and win!

Week Six- 8th October


The spellings for this week are:







Week Five- 1st October




The spellings for this week (week beginning 1st October) are:










Well done to all the children who achieved the reading challenge last week and got a fab five sticker for their reading. The expectation is that children read at least four times a week. The total number of reads for this term is 50 in order to achieve the reading challenge. Any support that you can give your child with their reading is greatly appreciated.



Last week we had 100% attendance which means that we get the attendance trophy for the week and the children also get some sweets. The whole class were very excited and proud that we have achieved 100%.


Butterfly Hunt


Year One went to the outdoor classroom and completed a butterfly hunt. There were a variety of butterflies hidden in the trees. We found the brightly coloured butterflies much easier than the darker butterflies. We talked about camouflage and we found out that this means that animals match to their surroundings. The camouflaged animals are less likely to be eaten by predators.




The spellings for this week (week beginning 24th) are:







Children will come home with the look, cover, write spelling sheet. Please practise the spellings with your child ready for Friday 28th.

Our trip to Jungle Zoo

Our trip to Jungle Zoo 1 Parrot
Our trip to Jungle Zoo 2 Tortoise
Our trip to Jungle Zoo 3 Toucan
Our trip to Jungle Zoo 4 Monkey
Our trip to Jungle Zoo 5 Meerkats
Our trip to Jungle Zoo 6 Goat
Our trip to Jungle Zoo 7 Pig
Our trip to Jungle Zoo 8 Armadillo
Our trip to Jungle Zoo 9 Crocodile
Our trip to Jungle Zoo 10 Terrapins
On Friday 7th September, we went on a trip to Jungle Zoo, Cleethorpes. The children really enjoyed our trip and got to see lots of different animals. The lady who showed us around told us lots of interesting facts about the animals- including what they eat and where they live. The children also got the chance to ask any questions that they had.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Children got the opportunity to feel some different animals too. They touched a tortoise called Molly (who is actually a male tortoise), a lizard, a snake and a millipede.



Here are the spellings for the week beginning Monday 17th September. Children will come home with a look, cover and write sheet so that they can practise the spellings ready for the spelling lesson on a Friday.


The spellings are:







Home Learning Ideas

Here are the home learning ideas for this half term. Please complete two pieces of homework by Friday 19th October.

PE days


PE days for our class are Monday and Tuesday.