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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy

Class 2

Week 6 - 4th October


Well...another very busy week where the children have been fabulous again.


Thank you for your support with reading at home.  This week, the class managed a full 80 reads which is excellent. Let's see if next week we can beat Class 1 who managed a whopping 100 reads. Well done to those!



We are working hard with our handwriting with the children and supporting them to keep their letters on the lines and to keep them the same sizes.  They are now beginning to write their name using a pre-cursive script with kicks into the letters and flicks out of them.  They are trying really hard with this and lots of positive postcards were sent this week for children who have improved their letter formation.


In our history work for this week, we have been thinking about chocolate.  We looked at a cocoa bean and we looked at some ground up chocolate powder.  It smelt delicious.  We then listened to a story about a man called Cortes who brought the cocoa drink back from Mexico and how it was then made into chocolate.


Week commencing 20.09.2021


Well done to our two classmates, who went in a head to head battle, to be appointed by the School Council. Class 2 each listened to each of Alex and Scarlett's application. We then took a vote as to who would get the job. Congratulations Alex.



Well done to Ivy-Rai on her Wonderful Woodlands Work. 


Please take a look below for some more pictures of our amazing week in Year 1. 


Week commencing 13.09.21


See below for some fantastic pictures of the work we have been doing in Class 2 this week. Ask us about our English topic book 'Pumpkin Soup'. We have loved every minute of exploring recipes and creating our own soup! In guided reading we are beginning to use our VIPER skills to learn and understand the text in more detail. The children are working particularly well in maths, and have been using resources to consolidate their number knowledge to 10. Class 2 have also enjoyed P.E and project lessons! The children are working very hard and we are very proud of their achievements. 


This week, we won the KS1 reading challenge!!!!!!! YES! 


Please ensure you complete your child's reading record each time you read at home. Please then remind your child to put their book and reading record in the box at the door each morning. This will ensure we are able to monitor your child's reading. 


On Monday and Wednesday please send your child with their P.E kit, in a bag. Please LABEL EVERYTHING. We encourage the children to be as independent as possible when getting changed. We will support children who need help, but your child is ultimately the one responsible for their own belongings.


And finally, it would be useful for your child to bring a book bag, or any bag, to school each day. I have noticed a number of children going home, holding many items and this has resulted in letters and reading books getting lost. 

Week 2 - How messy is too messy?

Welcome to Class 2

The teacher in Class 2 is Miss Fuller and our Teaching Assistant is Mr Lingard

Our P.E days are Monday and Wednesday

Our First Week In Year 1 

We have had an amazing two days to kick off the new year. The children have adapted to their new classroom and learning times. 

We are ready to work super hard in Class 2 and to be the best that we can be. Take a look at some of the things we have been up to in our first couple of days. 


Lab Rascals


Today, we were scientists!  We found out all about dry ice - it is super cold (-80 degrees centigrade).  When we blew on it, vapour blew across our tables.  We picked it up with tweezers and put 5 pieces of dry ice in deflated balloons,  We tied the balloons and shook them which made them bigger.  The ice turned into a gas which filled up the balloons.  We added the ice to coloured water which changed to orange because the ice is an acid.  We then made a large cloud and added soap to make gas filled bubbles.


We had so much fun!

Friday 28May21


This week our stars of the week are...

Olivia and Dakota 

for always having the equipment they need to be able to get on with their learning.

Well done to our super stars.

Friday 28May21

Caterpillar update

On Thursday morning, the caterpillars were very active and wriggling about.  By the end of the school day on Thursday, the caterpillars had crawled to the lid of the pot and started to curl up at the end.  On Friday morning, the caterpillars had begun to turn into chrysalises.  Mrs Mountain is going to take very good care of them for us over the half-term holidays.   

Friday 28May21


The children ended our project 'Wriggle and Crawl: what's bugging you?' by meeting some rather exotic bugs.  The children got to see a tree frog and a tarantula, stroke a leopard gecko lizard and hold an African giant millipede and a corn snake.