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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy

Class 12

Home Learning Timetable


Here is our timetable for the home learning. We look forward to seeing everyone on Google Classroom ready for our lessons. All children are expected to access the home learning and submit work for each lesson.


9.00am  Register and Maths Lesson

10.15am Grammar Lesson

11.00am – 12.00am English Lesson

12.00pm-12.30pm  Guided Reading Lesson


1.30pm Register and Project Lesson

2.45pm Class Reader


Thank you

Year 6 Teachers

Children's Mental Health Week
This week was Children’s Mental Health Week. As this year’s theme is Express Yourself, children expressed themselves through art by drawing self-portraits. Well done to the children in school who put a huge effort into their portraits and a massive thank you to the children working from home who sent us their fantastic self-portraits too! 

Wednesday 6th January


Our project this term is 'Hola Mexico!' and we are looking forward to finding out about the climate, culture, traditions and people of Mexico. Our question is 'Who are the people who have shaped Mexico?' and we will learn about the impact that the people have had on Mexico

First day back after Christmas-dress up

WC: 30.12.20


This week we have had a fantastic few days celebrating our whole school History Event. A huge thank you for the effort you went to in dressing up as a wartime child - the costumes looked great! We learnt about the importance of rationing during the Second World War and created posters explaining this. We also learnt about VE Day and created posters, bunting and flags for our VE Day celebration party! We had great fun planning, designing, creating and evaluating our Anderson shelters. Take a look at some of the photos from this week. 

Monday 23rd November


This week we are going to do our practice SATs tests. Here is our timetable:

Monday - Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Tuesday - Reading

Wednesday - Maths Arithmetic Paper 1, Maths Reasoning Paper 2

Thursday - Maths Reasoning Paper 3


Monday 16th November


After a very different way of learning while we self-isolated at home, it was lovely to see you all return to school this week on Wednesday. I want to say a huge well done to everyone who accessed the Google Classroom and worked from home. Thank you for all of your effort, you all did an amazing job! I am really proud of how you managed the situation. 


On Friday, we looked at how circuits work in Science. We had great fun exploring how to make complete circuits and investigating which materials were conductors and insulators.

Monday 9th November


In English this week, we will be looking at how Anne Frank felt when she had to leave Germany to go and live in Holland. We will explore the reasons why the family had to move. In Maths, we are multiplying and dividing fractions. 

During our project lessons we will focus on Propaganda, what it meant and studying some of the posters that were used during World War 2. We will use these ideas to create our own posters.

Last week in Science we set up a seed experiment. Our question was, 'Do big seeds grow into bigger plants?'. Some of the children have planted cress, sunflower and bean seeds. Our class has written their predictions and we hope to observe what happens over the next four weeks.

Monday 2nd November


Welcome back. I hope you all had a lovely half term. 

This week we will be continuing our focus on life as an evacuee and we are watching a clip to see a real-life experience of what life was like. Then, we are going to imagine that we are evacuees and write a letter home.

In English, we are starting our new book based on the life of Ann Frank. We will write predictions, create questions and explore vocabulary in the text. In Maths, we are adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. In PSHE, we will look at the next lesson about 'Gratitude' and recording ideas in our journals.

WC 19th October

At the end of last week, we had a fantastic afternoon on Friday preparing vegetables after thinking about the Harvest Festival. We carefully chopped up carrots, tomatoes and potatoes and these vegetables were then cooked to make soup. We hope you enjoyed tasting the soup at home!


It's nearly half term and we've got a busy week ahead. This week we will be researching Anderson Shelters; finding out what they were made from and why they were important during the Second World War. In Maths, we are simplifying and comparing fractions (we will need to use our times tables facts to help us). In English, we are using our written skills to create a setting, create atmosphere and write a dialogue. This week is our first lesson in the My Happy Minds 'Gratitude' topic which helps us to recognise what we are grateful for.

I hope you you all have a restful and enjoyable half term break.


Miss Spacey

Year 6 Homework due in Friday 8th October

WC 12.10.20


Last week we started to find out about 'The Blitz' and we created some lovely skyline silhouette pictures which we will add on here. We also completed a 'My Happy Minds' character survey to find out what our character strengths are. 

In English we drafted, critiqued and edited our letter to the Billeting Officer. We wrote our final copy on Friday and we are very proud of our work. In Maths we have studied common multiples, common factors and prime numbers. This week we will be focusing on the 'Blackout' during our project lessons and finding out what it was and the effect it had on people's lives. We will be creating a poster to explain the key information.

 Monday 5th October

We have had a busy few weeks in Year 6. Children came dressed as war-time evacuees on our project launch day and we looked at maps of Europe to locate the key countries involved in the war. We also listened to Neville Chamberlain's declaration of war and imagined that we were actually there by writing a diary entry. We enjoyed tasting some 1940s food: spam, potted meat, jam sandwiches and scones. The children constructed gas mask boxes and we discussed and identified why and when these were needed. We are looking forward to learning more about evacuation and the impact that it had.


In English, we are studying the novel 'Goodnight Mister Tom'by Michelle Magorian. We are focusing on William's new life with Tom and how he is adapting to life as an evacuee. We are drafting and editing a letter this week to the Billeting Officer to persuade her to let William stay with Tom, rather than be sent back to London. 


In Maths, we have practised long multiplication and long division methods. This week we are focusing on multiples, factors and prime numbers.

Project Launch


Class 12 really enjoyed dressing up as children from the Second World War. There were some fantastic, creative costumes! We had a very exciting day tasting foods from the 1940s and constructing our own gas mask boxes!

Year 6 Project Launch Letter 21.9.20

Welcome to Class 12   

September 2020

Our project this term is 'A Child's War' and we are looking forward to finding out about the cause and effect of the Second World War. We will study significant events and people and develop their empathy for what it was like to be a child at the time.

Keep checking our page for updates.


Thank you

Miss Spacey


Year 6 2020

Still image for this video

Friday 17th July 2020  END OF TERM


The end of term is here.  We haven't been able to say goodbye to you as we would have liked to but we wish you all so much happiness for the future.  


What a year it’s been for you,
our lovely, little crew!
We had plans and intentions
and a lot of things to do.
From learning about areas
like algebra and SPaG,
to using the subjunctive mood –
we had that in the bag!

But, as you’ll often find in life,
we were put to the test…
but not the normal SATs-y kind –
a weird, abnormal quest.
We were sent into lockdown
and school was closed for most.
Of all of our priorities,
your safety was utmost.

Your world was twisted sideways;
your life changed overnight.
Yet, acting for the greater good,
you did what’s just and right.
It’s been so hard – I know that.
I’m proud of what you’ve shown
when facing such adversity
unlike we’ve ever known.

We’re in a time in history
that will be on the shelves:
a tale to tell our grandchildren
that’s greater than ourselves.

A spell when you were children
and you had to leave your friends
to keep all of your loved ones safe
and bring this to an end.

They’ll look at you like heroes –
the sort we know you are:
you’re warriors; you’re brave,
you’re bright and dazzling stars.
And, though we’ve had to part now,
in unexpected ways,
we still have all the memories
of countless fun school days.

Remember cheers on Sports Days
and trips to near and far.
Remember class assemblies
and striving to be a star
Remember all our playtimes
and running on the grass.
But, most of all, remember
how you’re valued in our class.

As we look back in the future,
we’ll think of you and smile;
the kids who showed resilience
and went the extra mile.
So, though it’s time to say goodbye,
just know it’s not the end.
We’ll live on in your memories
as special year six friends.


Mrs Parkinson, Mrs Monaghan, Mrs Radi & Mrs Pearson

*NEW* Home Learning Monday 13th July 


Well Year 6, it's the last full week of school and it's been a very different end of term. This is the last week of home learning. Well done to all of you, that have worked so hard with this and to your parents for their support. We will post again but for now enjoy this last week and any questions, as usual email us


Take care 

Year 6 Team

Monday 6th July Home Learning Plan


Hi All

Well another week of home learning and not long now until we finish for the summer. We hope you have had some contact with your secondary school through a call, email or visit. It must be exciting to think you'll be in a new school soon. If you haven't heard from them, contact them directly or email us and we will sort this out for you.


Here's another week of home learning planned for you. Remember to try and do something, a bit of reading, writing, some maths, enjoy some artwork and exercise. It keeps everything ticking over until school starts again. 


Remember any problems or even just to say hello email us at


Keep safe

Year 6 Team 

Monday 29th June Home Learning


Hi Year 6

I hope you've had a great week and enjoyed the lovely sunshine. Hopefully the rain will be over quickly and we can get out again soon. Here is this week's Home Learning Planning, as we said before this week we are looking at Sex Education in our project work. This is something we would normally do in class all together but as school is very different we need to look at this a little differently. The resources we have given you are to help and start a discussion. There are more online but would say an adult needs to look/check them out first. 


Also a reminder for those at home and not on school, please can you send a photo and video for our leaving production to our school Facebook page if you haven't already. We don't want to miss anyone. 

Enjoy the weekend.


Year 6 Team

More Year 6 Leaving Activities


Each year we make a tree for our year 6s that are leaving and each child normally decorates a leaf which is added to their tree. Those children in school will decorate theirs in class but those at home will need to collect a leaf from the office and decorate it with their name as well and drawing their interests. We try and make them colourful to decorate the tree. If you have a problem collecting a leaf then please contact us at school. The leaves need returning by Friday 10th July. 

Thank you 

Year 6 Team

Sex Education in Year 6

Dear Parents/Carers

We are starting our topic of Sex Education with Year 6 over the next few weeks in school and in our home learning. We will be covering the topics related to boys’ and girls’ issues along with puberty, conception, pregnancy and birth. We will be focussing on the emotional side as well as the physical side of these topics.


In school we will be using Channel 4 resources that are widely used in schools across the country.  In the home learning we will give links to youtube videos to help you. We would suggest watching these before your child so you are ready for questions. They are also not appropriate for children to watch alone and need adult guidance. In school the teachers will do this.


If you would like to discuss this then please either email us at or contact school.


Yours sincerely,

Year 6 teachers

Monday 22nd June Home Learning Plan


Hi Everyone

We hope you are all well and keeping safe. As the weeks go by we can do more and more and hopefully you are getting out and meeting more of your family and friends - from a safe distance of course. Below is the Home Learning Plan for the week beginning 22nd June. We are continuing with the book Wonder and hope you are enjoying the Oak Academy Maths. 


Don't forget we need a picture of you and a short video if you can, we are hoping to make it into a something great for everyone to keep for years to come. All the details are below the Home Learning Plan. Any questions as usual at


Take care and be safe

Year 6 Team 

**IMPORTANT**   Year 6 End of Year Activities


As part of our Year 6 leaving celebrations, we are hoping to put together some pictures and videos of all the year 6 children.  We are asking that if you are home learning could you please send a picture of your child, head and shoulders would be fine so we can collage them together for a “class photo”. We are also hoping to put a video together of each pupil, 20-30 seconds of a message to your friends, for example “Hi Year 6! I’m missing everyone and I want to wish you good luck for next year. I hope to see you again soon.”


Please could you send your picture and short video clip via messenger to our Facebook page - ‘Woodlands Academy’ as sending through email is tricky as the files are often too big. Please can you send them in by Friday 26th June. Any problems please let us know.


Thank you for your support and we can’t wait to see the end products. Children in school will get a chance to do this in class.


Year 6 Team

Monday 15th June Home Learning Plan


Hi Year 6!

I hope you are well and keeping safe.

Wow, what a weird week weather wise! Lovey sunshine then awful cold wind and rain. Let's hope the weekend will get better. I hope you are keeping yourselves busy and doing some home learning at home. Below are the planning and resources you need for next week. The Maths instructions are below from last week if you haven't used it before. The audio book link is on the planning sheet. Remember any questions to or through the Facebook page. 


Take care 

Year 6 Team

Monday 8th June Home Learning Plan 


Hi Year 6. 

We hope you are all well and keeping busy. Some of the year 6 children are in school and some are staying at home, but all of you are following the same learning. For reading and writing remember there is a link for the book below (to read yourself) as well as a you tube link of an audio reading of the book on the home learning plan page. 


For our Maths lessons, please continue with the arithmetic tests.

If you want extra work there are some useful online lessons on the Oak National Academy website.

To access the lessons:

  1. Click on classroom (top right)
  2. Click on schedule
  3. Click on Year 6
  4. Scroll down to week 3 – Monday 4th May.

Each lesson contains videos, slides and all resources for your child to complete online. You don’t have to print the worksheet out, your child can just record answers in their book if they wish.

You will see that there is a tab for each day – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


As always if you have any problems or need anything then email us on and we will do everything to help you. We love to see your work and what you are up to as well. 


Well, take care and stay safe. 


Year 6 Team 

Mrs Radi, Mrs Pearson, Mrs Monaghan and Mrs Parkinson

Monday 1st June and Home Learning Planning


We hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely sunshine. 


From Monday, some of you will be returning to school but for others you are staying at home, therefore we have planned a week of activities that both groups will follow. There will be normal maths, project and PE activities, then in English - reading and writing - we are starting by using a great new book called "Wonder". There is a link for the book below (to read yourself) as well as a you tube link of an audio reading of the book. The activities all use the book as a starter, and sections will need to be read, as we have done in the past with our Titanic book. As ever we would love to see the work you do at home by emailing us on Any questions can also go to this email address. 


Take care and stay safe.

Year 6 team 

Home Learning Timetable for Half Term 25-5-2020


Hi Year 6

We hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine although it's a bit breezy today it is still sunny. What have you been up to? It's lovely to receive messages from everyone whether on Facebook or email and some have even sent photos and videos. Keep it up!

If you do need anything you can message us through the school Facebook or email us at


Below is a Home Learning menu of activities for you to choose from, that we have put together to give you some fun things to do over the bank holiday and half term week. 


Take care and keep safe.

The Year 6 Team 

Race For Life


Mrs Kirk has received a message from the Race for Life Team as the children were planning to hold an event to support this charity and obviously it has been cancelled. Below is a pack that you can look at of fun activities children may want to do over half term. 


Hi Mrs Kirk and Year 6,

We’re incredibly thankful for all the support from you and your pupils so far. You may have had to cancel or postpone your event due to coronavirus but we wanted to let you know that your Race for Life journey doesn’t have to end there.

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with children in the meantime - whether you’re supporting key workers by caring for their children or looking to inspire parents at home - we’ve created a new guide jam-packed with ideas for holding your own sports day. On our website, you’ll find some printable resources such as a colour in medal and we’ve included some craft activities using materials found in the home.

From a scavenger hunt to bingo or egg and spoon race, we’ve got a range of indoor and outdoor activities for all children. Join in and share with #RFLSportsDay.

Thanks again for your support.

The Race for Life Team

Race for Life Information Book

Here's the answer booklet that you'll need for Friday's Home Learning Reading lesson.

Home Learning Timetable Monday 18th May 2020


Hi Year 6

Can you believe today we should have been on our "After SATs Trip"? The time is sailing away now and not long until half term. Below is next weeks home learning timetable, activity sheets and powerpoints, and I want to say a big congratulations to all the pupils who have completed lots of the activities over the past 6 weeks. Well done! You should be very proud if yourself. 

Keep up the good work! 


The Year 6 Team 

New Y6 Challenge - Hold Still Photography


Presently our lives are very different and we have had to change to a new normal. We are all immensely proud of how you have all coped and how you are all supporting each other.


The Duchess of Cambridge along with the National Portrait Gallery are asking for communities and families to show, through photographs, how we are all dealing with lock down. This is called the Hold Still competition and we thought this is an ideal opportunity for us as a school and a community to make our own gallery in school to also show this. You may also want to send your photos into the competition 


For full details of this competition please visit


So do you have any photographs that show an act of kindness, ways you have help someone or your new normal?

This may be your children waving at their grandparents through the window, helping an elderly neighbour or different activities you have tried at home. You may also want to save us any artwork you have produced during this time so we can add it to our gallery. Please email any photos to


If pictures are emailed  to us you are giving permission for these photos to be displayed in school.  

Let’s fill our school with lots of lovely memories of lockdown 2020. When we all return to school it will be lovely to have a keepsake of this memorable time.


The Year 6 Team

Home Learning Timetable 11th May 2020


Hi Everyone

We hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine. Have you been celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day? There were lots of bunting and flags around the estate making it look very much like a party!


Can you believe it would have been SATs week next week starting on Monday 11th May? It's a shame you couldn't show off what you have learnt over the past four years but I'm sure you're not upset about missing them. If you feel like you are missing out we can send you some old SATs papers if you want. Hehe. 


Find below the new Home Learning Timetable. Try and do some of the activities every day if you can. We do hope things will change soon but until then stay at home and keep safe. 


The Year 6 Team

Home Learning Timetable Week beginning 4-5-2020


Hi Year 6!

Here's the new Home Learning Timetable for week 5, beginning 4-5-20. I cannot believe it's May. There are also lots of resources to help you with your learning this week. Email us with any questions or examples of your work:  We love to see your work from home.

Take care, keep safe and keep smiling.

Year 6 Team

Year 6 Home Learning Week 4 - 27.4.20


Hi everyone. 

Here's the new Home Learning Timetable for week 4, beginning 27.4.20. There are also some resources to help you with your learning as well. Email us with any questions or examples of your work. We love to see how hard you are working at home. 

Take care, keep safe and keep smiling.

Year 6 Team

Year 6 Challenge


Hi everyone. We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe at home. 


For this week's challenge we want you to create a wish jar or wish bucket or other wish holder! 


Every time you think of something you want to do but can't at the moment write it down on a piece of paper and put it in the wish jar. This could be anything from visiting a family member or going to your favourite place. Once things are back to normal you can work through the jar enjoying and appreciating the freedom and everything we have back.

You can decorate it or keep it plain. You could even post some pics on Facebook or email them to us and we can put them on the school website 


Good luck with this challenge. 

Year 6 Team

Mrs Pearson, Mrs Radi, Mrs Parkinson and Mrs Monaghan


Hi guys.


We hope you all had a great Easter holiday and didn't eat too many eggs! Well it's back to home! Below is the new home learning timetable for week 3 for you to follow. Do the best you can but if it's too hard or anything is not available to you, like equipment, improvise or do the best you can. Good luck. Keep emailing us pictures at or post on Facebook.

Remember any questions, please email us.


Keep safe and keep smiling.

We hope to see you all soon.

Year 6 Staff. Mrs Pearson, Mrs Radi, Mrs Monaghan and Mrs Parkinson

Happy Easter Everyone!


Well, it's finally here, the actual Easter holidays! We hope everyone is doing well at home and completed some of the home learning activities. Over the two week holiday we have produced some Easter activities that you may want to complete with your family. See below. Again please send us any photos to or post them on Facebook, a great way to keep in touch. 

Have a great holiday...not sure about the Easter eggs but we can catch up with chocolate later!  

Stay safe and take care.

From the Year 6 Team Mrs Radi, Mrs Pearson, Mrs Monaghan and Mrs Parkinson

New Challenge Accepted

Year 6 Challenge of the Week.

We want to see you helping your parents with some baking or food making this week.


You can make your favourite sandwich and name it. For example Radi's Really Radical Red Radish Relish Randwich oops Sandwich. Sounds lovely!


Or bake a cake or cookie of your favourite animal or pet. Hedgehogs always go down well.


Send your photos via email or put them on the Facebook page.


Good luck and remember:     Wash your hands!!


Mrs Radi, Mrs Parkinson, Mrs Pearson and Mrs Monaghan

Year 6 Building a Den Challenge

Hi Year 6!

We hope you're enjoying the lovely weather and being at home. Hopefully you've had a go at your home learning activities, gone on TT Rockstars or done a Joe Wickes workout. Below is next week's home learning. Some of the work is based around what you were given in your pack last week so check that out. There is also a document below to help you with your English. Any problems then please contact us at for any help or send us pics of your hard work.

Keep safe, wash your hands and keep smiling.

Mrs Radi, Mrs Parkinson, Mrs Pearson and Mrs Monaghan

Year 6 Challenge Accepted



Hi guys, hope everyone is doing OK, enjoying the sunshine and not working too hard.  As a fun activity, the Year 6 teachers challenge you to build a den, the fancier the better. It can be anywhere in the house or garden (just ask permission first). It's the perfect place to get peace and quiet and have a good read. Then take a picture of yourself reading or working in it and either send it to the School Facebook page or email it to us and we will put it on the website.  It's just a bit of fun and we'll be sending more fun challenges next week. 

Good luck....

From Mrs Radi, Mrs Pearson, Mrs Monaghan and Mrs Parkinson.


This message will self destruct in 10 seconds.........     only joking!!  




Hi Class 12! What a strange time were in. We hope you are all keeping safe and staying at home. We will be adding bits to the website to support your home learning, we would love to see what you have been doing, so please send pictures to either the schools facebook page or our email which is If you have any problems or queries at all please don't hesitate to contact us via the Y6 email. Stay safe!!

Monday 16th March

In our project work this week we will be researching information about the explorer Robert Falcon Scott. In English, we will continue reading 'Survivor - Titanic' and we will be using subordinate clauses, adverbial phrases and expanded noun phrases in our writing. In Maths, we are drawing the reflection of shapes using the mirror line and finding the mean of a set of numbers. We will then move on to reading and interpreting pie charts and line graphs.

Year 6 Homework

Year 6 Homework Friday 13th March

To be returned by Friday 20th March


Maths Arithmetic book    pages 26 and 27

Maths Geometry, Measures and Statistics  pages 12 and 13 - remember to annotate the grid to help with work out the coordinates

English Grammar book page 26 and 27

English Punctuation book pages 30 and 31 

Year 6 Homework

Year 6 Homework Friday 6th March

To be returned by Friday 13th March


Maths Arithmetic book    pages 24 and 25

Maths Geometry, Measures and Statistics  pages 6 and 7

English Grammar book page 28 and 29

English Punctuation book pages 12 and 13 

Year 6 Spelling Homework

World Book Day - Thursday 5th March


Today the children dressed up as different adjectives. The children came as some great adjectives such as scary, dark, lazy, sporty and sleepy. We then went on to make a lantern designed around the book 'Snow Globe' by Amy Wilson. The children created images of objects and people that they would include in the world they would create if we became trapped in a snow globe.




Monday 2nd March

In our project work this week, the children will be researching 'The Titanic' and finding out about this event in history. In English, we are writing setting descriptions and focusing on speech punctuation. In Maths, we are measuring and drawing angles using a protractor, and finding missing angles in a triangle. 

Parent Shared Morning - Wednesday 5th February

Thank you so much for all the adults that came to support our Parent Shared Morning today. We created some excellent water colour pictures of polar animals that will support the Fact Files we designed in our English lessons. 

Monday 3rd February

It is our Parent Shared Morning this week, on Wednesday 5th February. We will be sketching and painting Arctic animals. Please come and join us, we look forward to seeing you there.

Year 6 Homework Friday 31st January

To be returned by Friday 7th February


Maths Arithmetic book    pages 10 and 11

Maths Number, Ratio & Algebra book pages 11 and 13 (miss out page 12)

English Grammar book page 8 and 9

English Punctuation book pages 24 and 25   

Monday 27th January

For your information, we have attached the SATs powerpoint presentation from the meeting last week.



Year 6 Homework Friday 24th January

To be returned by Friday 31st January


Maths Arithmetic book    pages 8 and 9

Maths Number, Ratio & Algebra book pages 2 and 3

English Grammar book page 6 ad 7

English Punctuation book pages 22 and 23    

Parents' SATs Meeting

On Wednesday 22nd January at 2.30pm we will be having our Year 6 Parent SATs meeting where we will explain what will happen during the week of the SATs tests in May. This will take place in the small hall. We look forward to seeing you there.

Year 6 Homework Friday 17th January

To be returned by Friday 24th January


Maths Arithmetic book    pages 4 and 5

Maths Geometry, Measures & Statistics  book pages 26 and 27

English Grammar book page 3

English Punctuation book pages 4 and 5    

Lab Rascals Visit - we all become scientists

In our laboratory we learnt about states of matter. We experimented with dry ice and used indicator to see if a substance was acid, alkali or neutral. In particular our class loved the dry ice smoke that the "Lab Rascal" created with dry ice and boiling water!



Year 6 Homework Friday 10th January

To be returned by Friday 17th January


Maths Arithmetic book    pages 1 and 2

Maths Number, Ratio and Algebra book page 19

English Grammar book page 2

English Punctuation book pages 2 and 3    

Monday 2nd December


This week we will end our Ancient Egyptian project with two days of fun-filled activities. We will be: tasting and evaluating food, designing and making amulets using clay and using hieroglyphs to create messages. We have learned a great deal about life in Ancient Egypt and we have enjoyed finding out about their traditions. 

Monday 18th November

Thank you to everyone who came to our parent shared learning morning last Wednesday. The children have constructed detailed, colourful and unique Egyptian masks. They look amazing and the children are proud of their creations. We really appreciate your support and we look forward to putting them on display.

Here are some photographs of the event.

Maths homework due 22.11.19


Year 6 Homework - due in Friday 15th November

Monday 11th November

This week we are looking forward to our parent shared learning morning on Wednesday 13th November, 9.30-10.30, where will be creating our Egyptian death masks. We have researched different styles and designed our own mask. Year 6 look forward to seeing you there.

In Maths this week we will be multiplying fractions and dividing fractions by a whole number. In English we are writing themed paragraphs for our explanation text.






Year 6 Homework - due in Friday 8th November

31.10.19 - reading with FS2

Class 12 visited the FS2 classes this afternoon to share their own Egyptian stories. The children had worked hard on producing a good quality narrative and wanted to have a purpose for their writing - and what better way than reading them to our youngest pupils. 

After they had read their own stories, the Reception children gave them feedback (what they liked, what they thought of the story etc) and then we spent some time sharing other books with each other. 

It was a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon, and we are all looking forward to our next visit... watch this space!

Week beginning 28th October 2019

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely half term. This term we continue our topic all about Ancient Egypt.  The children will be learning about mummification; in English they will be writing explanation texts about how to mummify a body based on what they have learned, and through their project work they will be exploring the importance of the Afterlife to the Ancient Egyptians and why it was so important for them. 


Please continue to support your child in learning their spellings, completing their homework and reading at least three times each week. 


Thank you laugh

Weekly spellings - 18th October


Spelling rule: ough

though, although, dough, doughnut, through, cough, trough, rough, tough, enough

Reminder - Year 6 Shared Learning Morning


The year 6 shared learning morning for parents is on Wednesday 13th November, 9.30-10.30am. We will be finishing our Ancient Egyptian death masks that we have started in class. We invite you to come and see what your child has started and help them to finish their mask.

We do need newspapers to make the paper mache masks beforehand, so any contributions after half term will be gratefully received. 


Many thanks for your continued support and we hope to see you on the 13th November. 

Year 6 Staff

Monday 14th October


This week we will be taking part in practice SAT tests. This will give us a current overview of the pupil's strengths and also where they will need targeted support. The tests will also give the pupils an opportunity to pace themselves and see whether they need to speed up or slow down whilst answering questions.

Maths homework due 18th October

Spelling Homework due in for Friday 11th October

Monday 7th October


This week we will be drafting and editing our narrative based on the Tadeo Jones story. We will be showcasing our writing skills and producing a final 'Hot Task' piece at the end of the week. In Maths we are focussing on long division and we will be using our times table knowledge to help us. In are Egyptian project we will be looking at the exciting process of mummification. 

Ancient Egyptians at The Collection

TT Rockstars!


We are once again running TT Rockstars throughout the academy. We would encourage the pupils to use the app or website as regularly as possible in order to help them consolidate their tables knowledge and gain Rockstar Status! Please ask your class teacher if you need a reminder of your log on details. 

Monday 16th September

We have already settled into Year 6. In our topic work, we have located Egypt on a map and have written about the importance of the River Nile. In English we have written a setting description of the Nile. This week we will start our narrative writing journey.

On Wednesday 18th September we are going on our trip to the Lincoln Collection to learn more about life in Ancient Egypt. We will add some photographs next week.

Our PE days are Thursday and Friday every week!

Homework and spellings will be give out on a Friday to be returned for the following Friday.

Year 6 Newsletter Autumn Term



Can you save Stan?

As part of our first week we were tasked with saving Stan! We had to work together to get 'Stan' the jelly worm back in his live saving ring, in his boat. The only we could touch was the paper clips - all teams succeeded and celebrated by eating Stan and his ring!



Year 6 leavers assembly is on Wednesday 17th July at 9:30 in the large hall parents invited we look forward to seeing you there!


Swimming is Monday 15th- Friday 19th July in the afternoons.  Please can all children come with a swimming costume and a towel.  This is for those children who received a letter.


Tuesday 16th July is our Year 6 party after school 4:00-5:30pm.  All children have received an invitation.

Image result for balloons party

Year 6 Leavers’ Party

Tuesday 16th July


@ Woodlands' Outdoor Classroom

Music, food, fun and games!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Monday 8th July - Class 12 Multi-Sports Festival


On Monday, Class 12 went to Scartho Junior Academy for our Multi-Sports Festival. We had wonderful weather and got the chance to play lots of different sports including ultimate frisbee, kwik cricket, rounders and archery. We competed in teams and were mixed with pupils from Scartho Juniors. It was a great chance to meet friends from the secondary transition days, as well as have fun playing lots of new games. We have some budding archers!



Year 6 cordially invite you to our production of


Robin and the Woodlands’ Hoodies



Tuesday 9th July at 9.30am


Thursday 11th at 1.45pm


We look forward to seeing you there.


Please collect tickets from the Community Room or complete the slip in the letter attached and return to your class teacher. We have allocated 2 tickets per child, per performance and they are free. Extra tickets will be available after 4th July.  

Year 6 Production - Robin and the Woodlands' Hoodies

Tuesday 18th June - Sport's Coaches in Class 12


Today we had some extra training for our Multi Sports Day, which will be held on Monday 8th July at Scartho Academy. The children had lessons in rounders, kick rounders and kwik cricket from the coaches. Looking forward to showing off our skills with other year 6 pupils in a few weeks.  

Kooth Well Being Workshop


This week year 6 pupils attended a workshop on well being and mental health, and the support the Kooth website can give them. The children showed a mature and thoughtful attitude to the subject.

Monday 3rd June


Welcome back! We hope that you all had a restful holiday and are ready for the final term. We have a lot to look forward to this term, including: our end of year concert, special assemblies, transition to secondary school and much more! There is a lot of preparation and hard work ahead but together we will enjoy our last term at Woodlands

Dates for the Diary

June 2019

Tuesday 18th June Multi Sports PE lesson with a coach


July 2019

Monday 8th July Class 12 Multi Sports Festival 9:30-11:30

Tuesday 9th July Year 6 Performance 9:30

Thursday 11th July Class 11 Multi Sports Festival 9:30-11:30

Thursday 11th July Year 6 Performance 1:45

Swimming for those who didn’t receive 25m in Year 4 15th-19th July

Tuesday 16th July for Year 6 Party

Wednesday 17th July Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly 9:30-parents invited 


The Year 6 Party will not be a formal prom.  It will involve music, games, face painting and refreshments.

Please can you ensure that your child has PE kit for their Multi Sports Festival dates.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Friday 17th May


Hurrah!! SATs are over and we are so happy! The children have worked extremely hard this week and we celebrated on Friday with a trip to the beach, with bowling and lunch at McDonalds. Check out our photos and well done to all the bowling winners. 


We are so proud of the effort and hard work all the children have put in, leading up to this week. Now to concentrate on getting ready for secondary school. Lots more hard work to come...

Tuesday 7th May


Just four more school days until the Year 6 pupils take their SATs. We're just doing some final revision and then we are ready to go!

In Maths this week we will be focussing on:

  • converting units of time
  • reading calendars, rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000
  • multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 
  • securing our long multiplication and long division skills  


In English we will continue to focus on reading skills and will be answering questions about poems and non-fiction texts.

TT Rockstar Launch - Monday 29th April


Today we launched TT Rockstars at Woodlands. Every child had a chance to access the TT Rockstar website and start building their Rockstar status. Your child has been given their username and password so they can access it at home if they want to. They can collect coins and build their avatar as well as practice their times tables. 


Please find below a letter explaining TT Rockstars and how to access the website. 

Monday 29th April


In Maths this week, we will be revising our data handling skills by reading and interpreting information in a table and finding information in 24-hour clock timetables. We will also be looking at fractions, decimals and percentages equivalents. In English we will continue to improve our reading skills using previous SAT papers. We will focus on finding answers and how we can answer questions to gain as many marks as possible. 

Easter Holiday Homework and Reading Challenge


As we have two and a half weeks away from school we have given the children some extra pages this week. This homework needs to be completed for the Friday of the first week back the 26th April. We are also challenging the children to read 10 times over the holiday - Easter chocolates will be waiting for those successful readers. Remember children can read their school book or a book of their own choice, just write it in their reading diary. Good luck! 

VE Day Celebration - Wednesday 3rd April 2019 


What a great morning we had! Thanks to all the parents, family members and friends who attended and your continued support of class 12. I hope you enjoy the photos. 

Monday 1st April

This week we are holding our end of project 'VE Day Celebration Party'. Please see the attached letter that your child brought home. We look forward to seeing you there. We will add some photographs next week.

Friday 29th March - Year 6 Homework


This weeks homework pages are below. Please encourage your child to complete them.

Friday 22nd March Year 6 Homework

A really busy week with tests and year 6 have done really well. We are so proud of their progress. Let's hope this continues towards the May SATs.

Here are this week's CGP homework book pages. Remember to complete them for Friday 29th March. 

Friday 15th March Year 6 Homework

Well done on Red Nose Day guys! Here's this week's homework to celebrate!


Thanks Year 6 Staff

GB Swimmer Joe Roebuck Visits


We had a visit from GB swimmer Joe Roebuck on Tuesday. He talked about his journey to the 2012 Olympics and his determination to win. Our champion swimmer, Jamie-Lea Mawer won his fastest reactions competition. Well done Jamie-Lea! The children then did circuits with him. It was great to meet a 10 x British Swimming Champion. 

Friday 8th March 

The weeks are passing and children that are completing the homework pages are really progressing well. Well done if you regularly complete the pages. Give yourself a pat on the back!!

Here's this week's pages below.

Thanks Year 6 Staff

Thursday 7th March


World Book Day

Monday 4th March

This term we are continuing our 'Child at War' topic which the children are really enjoying. We had an amazing Parent Craft morning last Wednesday and made our Anderson Shelters. The children (and parents) were extremely creative and produced realistic models of which they were very proud. Thank you to everyone who came, we really appreciated it. 

Friday 1st March

Please remind children to complete the pages below for their homework. Again please don't do extra pages as we have selected pages specially to support work the children have done each week in class. Thanks

Friday 8th February

Please remind children to complete the pages below for their homework. Please don't do extra pages as we have selected pages specially to support work the children have done each week in class. 

Friday 1st February

Please remind children to complete the pages below for their homework. Please don't do extra pages as we have selected pages specially to support work the children have done each week in class. 

Wednesday 30th January

Year 6 had a trip to the Holocaust Centre in Laxton, Nottinghamshire to support our Child at War project. It was a very thought provoking and informative day, during which they were given an insight into the life of Jewish children before and during the Second World War and in particular we followed the story of Leo and how he escaped Germany on the Kindertransport. We will be using our knowledge to enhance our English writing lessons and our topic lessons.

Here are some photographs of the trip.

Thursday 31st January

The first set of extra tuition groups have been selected. If your child has been chosen they will have a permission letter for you to complete. Thanks.

Friday 25th January

Every year 6 pupil was given their CGP revision guides to use for homework today. Only complete the pages you are given as we will work through them at a later date. Homework will be given on a Friday and needs to be completed by the following Friday.

Monday 21st January

On Wednesday 21st January we are holding our Year 6 Parent SATs information meeting. Please see the attached letter.

Monday 14th January

We've started our topic and located the key countries involved in World War 2 on a map. We listened to Neville Chamberlain's radio speech about preparing for war. The children used this information to help them imagine that they were there at the time and then write a diary entry from a child's point of view. In Maths we have been learning about Ratio and Proportion. In English we have started our narrative flashback writing skills


Visit by PCSOs

On Thursday 10th January Class 12 were visited by a PCSO to talk about the work they do on the estate and in the surrounding areas. The children were interested to learn about the uniform and the equipment they carry with them. They also learnt what the lights and different sirens on the police cars mean. 

sadWOW AGAIN!!!!!


Class 12 managed a full week of 100% attendance! This is amazing guys - lets hope we can keep this going!


What an amazing morning with Lab Rascals working on states of matter experiments.

Photos and reviews to be added shortly - WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Welcome to our new school council members!

Our Amazing Day of the Dead celebration!

Y6 Day of the Dead Celebration!

Welcome to Class 12!


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!

This week's celebration assembly was about good behaviour in the playground - and Rayanna got our certificate this week - well done Rayanna! 
Class 12 are excited for penny wars starting next week and are determined to raid their money boxes!! Remember that we ideally only want 1p and 2p coins please.

Try something new when learning spellings!

WOW! What a busy week we've had!

Class 12 have been working hard on their methods of division, writing diary entries full of empathy and have been researching Aztec gods.

Our certificate for the most enthusiastic class member has this week gone to Chloe!frown 

Mexico Day!

Class 12 had lots of fun on Mexico Day as part of our project launch!

We made sombreros, mariachi musicians and Mexican themed bunting - but our favourite part was tasting Mexican Food!

Who knew so many of our children liked guacamole???


Class 12 have had an awesome start to their school year!

100% attendance and winning the trophy!!

As you will all be aware, Y6 is a very important year and to be able to do our best we have to be here, on time, every day - and we managed it the first week!

I am very impressed also with the attitude towards learning the class have and am looking forward to lots of exciting times in the term ahead.