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Woodlands Academy

Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Class 1

Week 6 - 10th February  


Miss Riley leaves us this week to go on placement at another school where she will be working with KS 2 children.  She will be back to join us after the Easter break.  In the meantime, we have Miss Gooderham joining us after the holidays for the next six weeks.  She has previously been working with KS 2 children and is looking forward to spending time in Year 1.



Children need to be able to spell a number of words by the time they leave Year 1.  They have brought home a list of the spellings they need to have a go at.  Please could you spend some time going over these in the holidays and the children will be tested when they return and any new spellings will be given.  Thank you for your support with this.  The children are aware as to what they need to do.


The Storm Whale

The children have loved reading the story of a little boy who finds a whale washed up on the beach after a terrible storm and puts it in the bath.  This week, we've been writing some poems about the story and we acted out the poems to the rest of the class.






It's half term holidays next week and we're looking forward to starting our new project 'Beachcombers' with lots of exciting things to be looking forward to.


Week 5 - 3rd February

This week we've been thinking about making our lighthouses.  The first thing we needed to do was to make our light work.  We investigated how to make an electric circuit.  The children had great fun and they were astonished when they made the bulb light up.








We also looked at the sort of materials we could use to make our lighthouses and the shapes that we would need.  Next week, we're going to make our lighthouses and the children are super excited about that.


On Thursday afternoon, Miss Riley worked with the Year 1 children and they thought about the things that made them scared.  They then talked about how they could help each other to 'find their brave'.  The children made some great posters to help others.




Phonic Screening Meeting

Please join us in Class 1 on Thursday 13th February 2.45pm.  We will be explaining about the phonic screening testing and the things that you could do to support your child at home.  We look forward to seeing you then.




Week  - 27th January 

This week, we've been thinking all about oceans and seas around the UK and around the world.  We used an atlas to have a look at the different seas and oceans in the world.  




In Maths this week, we have been looking at measuring the height and length of different things.  We measured things around the classroom.  We used different parts of our body to measure the objects.







We had to use the word tall, taller, tallest.

We had to use the words long, longer, longest.

We had to use the words short, shorter, shortest.






Week 3 - 20th January


In our Geography work for this week, we have been thinking about points of the compass N,S,E and W.  The children were able to point in the different directions.



We've been thinking about the life of Captain Cook and his voyages.  The children  learnt about his life and the places that he discovered.  We made telescopes to have a look at the new places that Captain Cook discovered.  Please ask the children to see what they have remembered about his life.








Fantastic results with our reading rewards for this week, so thank you to all of the parents who have supported at home with this.  Let's see if we can keep it up for next week.






Week 2 - 13th January

We've been doing lots more work on our Land Ahoy project this week and we've been thinking about what would make a great pirate boat.


We tested some materials to see if they would float or sink.




We then thought about what a good shape for a boat would be and we investigated how we could make a boat using some tin foil. 





Reading Rewards

Please remember to read with your child at home through the week.  It is great to see the children receiving their stickers in the Celebration assembly.  Thank you for your support with this.



Week 1 - 6th January


Welcome back and a very Happy New Year to all of our children and their families.  It was great to see the children after the holidays and they had lots of exciting things to tell us.


Land Ahoy Project Launch


Shiver me timbers!!!

What a great way to start our new project dressing up as a pirate!


We had some really great outfits going on and the children took part in some very exciting activities throughout the day.




The pirate sent his parrot with some clues to help us find the treasure.  We had to read the clues and follow them to find the gold coins.  It was great fun.




Reading stickers will start again in our Celebration assembly next Friday.  It would be fantastic to have as many children as possible receiving their stickers.  Children need to be reading at home at least five times in the week to receive their sticker and it would be great if you could help them with this.  Thank you for this.


Week 7 - 9th December  


What a great week and again what a very busy week we've had.  Lots of great and exciting things going on.


Christmas Performance 


Monday and Tuesday saw us doing our Christmas performances.  A fantastic WELL DONE to all of the children who sang and spoke beautifully and a brilliant WELL DONE to the children who stepped into parts at the last minute due to illnesses.  What a great job they did.  Thank you for your support with providing jumpers for the children.






Christmas Cards

A list of first names for children in each class can be collected from the Office for any parents still needing this.


Christmas Dinner


There was music, crackers, party hats and a lovely Christmas dinner.  The children had a great time and loved their rice crispy Christmas pudding cakes.











Week 6 - 2nd December 2019  


It's busy, busy, busy in Woodlands School today.  What another great and busy week we've had and Well done to the children who have tried really hard this week, despite feeling really under the weather.


History Days

The children looked fantastic in their dress up on Tuesday and thank you for your support with this.  We had a great couple of days creating things from our Castles project.  Thank you to the parents who managed to join us at this very busy time of the year.




We had a wonderful medieval banquet on the Tuesday afternoon and the children loved experiencing the food delights !!!!!(honey bread, pickled onions, boiled eggs, pork pie, fruit and apple juice)


We had some entertainment at the end of the banquet with some singing and joke telling.


On the Wednesday morning, parents came into school to help us make our shields and torches.  There was some great creativity and the children were really shocked when they realised that there wasn't any electricity.






Christmas Concerts


Please remember that it is our concert days on Monday (afternoon) and Tuesday (morning).  Please come and celebrate all of the hard work that the KS 1 children have put into their singing, speaking and acting.


Friday 13th December is Christmas jumper day.  We will send the jumpers home after the concert so the children will be able to wear these on the Friday.


Reading books

We will still be doing our reading rewards for next week, so please keep reading with your child at home.  Thank you for your help with this.  We are now getting more children receiving stickers in our Friday celebration assembly and it was great to see that we had more Year 1 children than Year 2 children receiving stickers today. It's normally the other way round!

Well done Year 1 and again thank you for your help with this.  Let's hope we can do the same next week...

Week 5 - 25th November  



The children have been enjoying reading texts by Sue Hendra and they've had great fun listening to stories about Supertato and Evil Pea.




Our spellings for this week are:












Thank you for your help with this.


Project work


This week, we've been thinking about the work of Vincent Van Gogh the artist.  We've learnt about his life and looked at the paintings that he created.  We had a go at copying his famous 'Sunflower' painting.  The children looked really closely at the shapes and the colours.









We made our classroom into an art gallery and we thought of lots of great things to say about each others pictures.




Christmas Concert

Our Key Stage Christmas in on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th December.  We have been doing lots of practicing and the children have some beautiful singing voices. 

We would be very grateful if you could provide the children with a Christmas jumper for the concert.  These can be brought into school in a named carrier bag.  Thank you for your help with this.




Week 4 - 18th November  


We've been thinking about Road Safety week this week and we've been thinking about how to cross the road safely.  We know that we need to: 







We thought about what we could say to people to help them to know how to cross the road and we used our words to make sentences.




We had great fun making traffic light biscuits and we took them home to eat them.






We wrote sentences about how we made the traffic light biscuits.


We worked with Class 2 and we have made some baubles to go on our school Christmas tree.  It was really good to work with a partner.  They will look really great on our Christmas tree next week.




A fantastic Well done to all of those children who are reading at least five times or more at home.  The children all received their stickers in assembly today.  Thank you for your help with this.  It really is of great benefit to the children when they are reading regularly at home.




Well done to the children who I sent text messages to for doing well in their weekly spellings.  They were difficult words and I could see that the children had tried hard to learn them at home.

Spellings for next week are :








Thank you for your support with this.


Week 3 - 11th November

It's been Friendship week in school  this week and we have been thinking about who our friends are. 




We've thought about what it means to be a good friend.  We thought about  a new playground game that we could play with our friends.



Parent Shared Learning

Thank you to all of those parents who turned out in the terrible wet weather and supported us with our Aboriginal paintings.  I'm not sure who had the most fun - the children or the parents. 


The children had great fun and produced some lovely pieces of work.







Star of the Week

The teachers were looking for children who are very helpful this week, either helping the adults or helping the other children.  It is always so hard to choose the children each week.





A fantastic WELL DONE to Isabelle who got all of her spellings right this week.  Well done for working so hard with these.  Spellings for next week are:












Please have a go at the spelling sheets with your children at home.  It will be really useful as they are the spellings that they will be using over the year in their written work in class.  Thank you for your support with this.


Year 2 visitors


The children in Year 2 have been writing riddles this week about and thinking about clues to work out the riddle.  It was great to have the children in the class to share their riddles with us.  The children worked out that the answer to the riddle was 'friend'.




Thank you Year 2 children for sharing these with us.
















Week 2 - 4th November   

Reading Challenge 

Well done to all of the children who received a sticker in assembly  today for reading five or more times at home.  It would be great to see more children with stickers each week.  Thank you for your support with this.


Star of the Week

The certificates were awarded this week to those children who are working really hard.  The children in the class are all trying really hard and it was very difficult today to award just two certificates.  


Our writing work this week....

We went into the cooking suite and we made some cornflake cakes.  We had to write some sentences about how we made them.  The children thought that they tasted really good.



It was a very dark and cold week this week, so we turned out the lights, read our books by torchlight and enjoyed listening to the sound of a cosy, crackling log fire on the screen.  The children loved it and they told some great stories.






Spellings (to be tested 15.11.19)






Please go over these spellings with your child through the week.  Thank you for your support with this.


Week 1 - 28th October 


A wonderful welcome back to all of our children and families after the half term holidays.  It was lovely to see all of the children back in school and ready to start their next learning.



Our project for the next half term up to Christmas is called 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures' where the children will be learning all about different materials and how they can be changed.  We launched our project with a messy afternoon and the children were heard saying:

"It's the best afternoon ever!"

We had such fun with the materials...

We mixed porridge oats with water and made a sloppy mess.  The children built walls and mountains with the sloppy porridge.



We rolled out the play dough and used it to make shapes.


We mixed cornflour and custard powder with water to make gloop.


We painted using coloured ice cubes.


We made patterns in the shaving foam.


We're looking forward to lots of other ways of mixing the materials over the weeks of our  project.


Homework sheets have been given out and it would be great if the children could choose something off the list and bring it in to school to show what they have done.


Star of the Week

This week, the teachers were looking for children who show a great attitude to their learning.  Well done to Ralph and Isabelle.


Reading Challenge  

Another great big WELL DONE to those children who have read at home five times or more and received their stickers in our celebration assembly.



Our Reading visitors...

We had some special visitors to the classroom today when the Year 2 children visited us to share some of their favourite stories with the Year 1 children.  There was some great reading from the Year 2's and our children loved listening to the stories and enjoyed joining in with talking about the pictures.  









Week 7 - 14th October 

We had a visitor in school this week from the Chartwells lunch service.  She told the children the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and she let the children taste lots of different fruits and they could use the different fruits to make their own caterpillar and then eat it.  the children had great fun doing this and they tried lots of new fruits.








Week 6 - 7th October  


What an amazing end to our week with our trip to Lincoln.  I can't begin to say how proud I am of the children.  Their behaviour was amazing and they coped with a very full day and had such great fun.  (Please have a look on the website pages for Classes 2, 3 and 4 as the children were split into groups when we arrived and there may be photos on their class pages too.)


We started our day learning all about knights and the children had the opportunity to dress up in suits of armour and helmets.  






We had a go at shooting some bow and arrows at the pretend castle.  It was quite hard to do.  





We dressed the knight in his armour ready for battle.  We had to put all of the things in the right places on the body.



We looked at lots of different shields and then we used lots of different colours to make our own.  Look out for our shields around the classroom.


We took part in a medieval banquet.  We have an hour to eat our lunch.  The banquets could last up to six hours and there was lots of food to eat.  The King sat at the top of the table.  They let dogs into the room to eat all of the left overs and if you had a dog it meant that you were rich.


The servants gave out all of the food.  We had ginger bread biscuits and a cup of juice.


We went for a walk around the top of the castle walls.  It was very high up and we could see all around the city of Lincoln.  


We have used the I-pads this week to draw our own castles on one of the paint programs.  We hope you like what we created.













Week 5 - 30th September


Parent Shared Learning Afternoon

We were so pleased to see such a great turn out on Thursday afternoon to help the children  make their marshmallow and spaghetti bridges.  I think the staff in Morrisons wondered what I was up to when I bought over 40 bags of marshmallows.  I'm glad I wasn't asked any questions!!  It was also great to see that there were only a limited numbers of marshmallows that disappeared into children's mouths!!  Who can resist...


It was a competitive, sticky and absolutely fantastic afternoon and was enjoyed by all and there were lots of different techniques going on to make the bridges more stable.  It was also lovely to see the children working in mixed age groups.                                                           A great big THANK YOU again to all who attended.


Here are a few photos...











Well done to all of the children who got all of their spellings correct on Friday.  Great work and I could really tell that the children had a great go at learning them at home.  Thank you for your support with this.


Next weeks spellings will be for Thursday 10th October please, as we are out on the school trip to Lincoln on the Friday.  The spellings are:








It would be great if you could give the children the chance to go through these all through the week.  They could have a go at writing them down using different colours, they could spell them as they walk to school, they could play a matching game with them, you could write the words on small paper and hide them around the house for your child to find or they could see if they can find them in their reading books too.  The children love playing the game of Hangman when we look at our new spellings in class on a Friday.


Trip to Lincoln

Friday 11th October


We will be leaving school for 9 am and we will be back in time for the end of the school day.  Children need to wear their school uniform and they must have a coat with them.  Pack ups will be needed, but no fizzy drinks.  If you have ordered a school lunch, this will automatically be swapped for a school pack up lunch for your child.

If your child suffers from travel sickness, please administer a tablet before travelling and a form will be needed from the school office, if we need to give your child a tablet for the return journey.  Please ask if you are unsure about this.

We are really looking forward to a great and exciting day and look out for our photos next week.






Week 4 - 23rd September

We can't believe how quickly the weeks go by and it's time to let you know all about our week for this week....


We've been thinking about 'more' and 'less' in our maths work and the children have been thinking about number bonds using a number bond diagram.



This was a new idea for the children and they worked really hard with it.


We've been thinking about materials in our project work and we had to go on a hunt around the classroom to  find out what things were made from.  We found lots of plastic things and the children were able to tell me why they wouldn't fond anything made out of glass in the classroom (except the windows!!)


Star of the Week

We have our 'Golden Rules' in school and the children are reminded about what these are as they come in to their new classes (being kind, being respectful, listening carefully, having all of their things in school that they need for the day, trying their best).  The children this week have been chosen as 'Star of the week' for being those children who always follow the 'Golden Rules'.  It was a very difficult this week as lots of the children try very hard to follow all the rules and it was very difficult to just choose two.




Reading Challenge Rewards

We had more children gaining stickers this week for reading at home five times or more through the week.  This was great to see.  The children were very proud as they stood up in assembly to receive their stickers and clap.  It would be great to see even more children next week.  Thank you for your support with this.





The children came home with a spelling sheet on Friday.  Please work with your children and help them to be able to write the spellings on the sheet.  The words that we are sending home will be important for the children when they do their writing in class. 


The children could.....

write them on a piece of paper

use coloured pens to write the words

stick them around the house 

spell them out loud to you as you walk to school


The children will have a simple spelling test with these words on Friday 4th October.








Walk to school badges

Some of the children came home with badges on Friday.  We are encouraging children to walk, cycle or scoot to school and the badges were awarded to the children who had done this through the week.  Great news for all of the children who came home with a badge and we hope that this will continue into next month.




Week 3 - 16th September  

What another great week in Class 1 with some great learning happening.  This week, we've been looking at animals that burrow under the ground and we've drawn some great pictures of the animals in their burrows.



Reading Challenge

Can we please remind that the children need to be reading at least five times through the week to receive their sticker in our Golden assembly.  It really is of great benefit for the children to be reading at home, so a  great THANK YOU again for supporting us with this.


Here are the children who received their sticker for reading challenge this week.  We would love to see more children in the class receiving stickers.  





Star of the week!

Our star of the week certificates this week were awarded to those children who have been showing some really good listening skills.

We have a little motto  in our class...

Good looking and good listening means we are doing good learning.


So a big WELL DONE to Jacob and Olivia for following our motto and being chosen as Stars of the Week.





Week 2 - 9th September


What another amazing week and it has been fantastic to see that the children are adapting their new routines in Year 1, so a fantastic WELL DONE to the children and a great THANK YOU to parents and carers for supporting your children with this.


Star of the Week


Each week on a Friday the children will take part in a celebration assembly.  The teachers all award two certificates which are given to the 'Star of the week'.   This week, the teachers were looking for children who have settled into their new classes really well.


A massive WELL DONE to Esmai and Ethan for being our 'Stars of the week' for this week.  



Next week, the teachers will be awarding their certificates for children showing good listening skills.

Good looking, good listening means good learning.


Our celebration assembly is also our time for rewarding the children when they have read at home.  We are really pleased with the children reading four times at home in a week, but the children will receive a sticker if they read five times in a week.  We hope you will be able to support your child with this.  


Our sticker reward readers for this week...

Let's see if we can add to the number next week...  Watch this space!!



We've been counting forwards up to 10 this week and then counting backwards from 10, if you wanted to practice this with your children.  We've also been matching numbers to the number words if you wanted to do this at home.





Week 1 - 5th September

Hello and welcome to Class 1.  We hope you've had a wonderful holiday and are ready to start all of the exciting things that we have planned for this year.  


All of the children have settled in really well and we're looking forward to doing some great things together.



Reading books can be changed on a daily basis, but please make sure that you have signed to say that your child has read

the book and place the book in the basket by the door as you come into the classroom in the morning.  Please encourage your child to read with you at home at least four times through the week.  We are currently looking into changing our Reading challenge system, but the children will receive rewards for doing their reading through the week.



Our PE days for this year are Mondays and Tuesdays.  The children will need to have their full PE kit (T-shirt, shorts and indoor shoes) in school on these days.  Children with ear-rings will also need to have their ear-rings removed on these days.  Thank you for your help with this.


Naming belongings...

It would really help us and the children in school if you were able to write names in all of the children's clothes, lunch boxes, PE kits etc.  If items do go missing, we will very quickly be able to find them and return them to the correct person. 


If you do have anything that you would like to ask us about, please feel free to speak to us in a morning, or if you were able to wait after all of the children have been collected after school that would be great.  Thank you for this.




Our Project for this half term is called 'Towers, Tunnels and Turrets' where we will be finding out all about castles.  We introduced the project with a great dress up day and the children all looked amazing.   We had some great kings, knights and princesses.  Thank you parents and carers for your help with this.





In the afternoon, we visited the wildlife area with Class 2.  We collected lots of things that we could use to build a castle and then we worked with our friends to build a castle.  The children worked really well and they listened to the suggestions that their friends

gave them.  







Summer Term Week 9 - 24th June  



Parent Share Afternoon


Thank you to all of our helpers who joined us on Wednesday to help the children make their Superhero costumes.  What an absolutely fantastic job.  The children have been putting the finishing touches to their Superhero masks and will be getting to show their outfits to the rest of the school.  There were some fantastic designs and great creativity.







Reading Challenge

Please remember that our reading challenge finishes on Friday 12th July and the children need to have read 40 times to take part in the fun ice-cream afternoon.  Please keep reading with your child at home as we would love for all of the class to be taking part.  Thank you.



Week 8  - 17th June

Parent shared Learning

We'd love you to join us for our parent share on Wednesday 26th June at 2pm.  We're making costumes for our Superhero fashion show and we'd love some help with these.  Please join us in the Year 1 classrooms.  Thank you.


STEM Learning

We had a visitor in on Monday who talked to us about  local construction and spoke to the children about engineering.  She left us with some activities to do and the children have enjoyed dressing up as construction company workers.




Summer Term Week 7 10th June


Phonics Screening

The children have all completed their phonics screening this week and it has been great to see the progress that they have made.  They all tried amazingly hard with the real and alien words in the check and as usual, I am extremely proud of them.  The children were desperate to know their scores which we will be able to let you know as soon as we are able. 




Summer Term Week 6  - 3rd June


Welcome back to you all after the holidays and it's great to see that the children have settled back in really well.


Phonics Screening

We've been doing lots of phonics practice this week as the phonic screening testing starts on Monday 10th June.  The children are as prepared for it as they can be.  Thank you for all of your support with it at home.


Reading Challenge

Please remember that the children need to have 40 reads by the 12th July to take part in our outdoor ice-cream afternoon.  They really need you help with this, so please keep up with the reading at home through the week.


Project Work

We've moved on to looking at real life Superheroes in our project work this week and it was great to be able to have the fire brigade visit school.  The children were so excited by it all and behaved amazingly for our visitors, despite having to wait a while as the pump (which is what a fire engine is called!) had been on its way to us and had then been diverted for a 999 call.  The fire fighters were great with the children and they all got to have a sit in the pump and were then allowed to squirt water through the hose.  A few of the teacher's cars were a bit cleaner by the end of the day.

























Summer Term Week 4 - 17th May

TT Rock Stars

Well done to Korby Cuthbert who topped our Class Leader Board  for this week.  Let's see who's going to get the prize for next week.  Keep up the good work.


Reading Challenge

It was our best week ever this week and we had so many of the children as a 'green' reader.  Well done children and thank you parents for your support with this.   We are well on the way to getting lots of children enjoying the ice-cream treat at the end of the next term.


PE activities

We had some sports coaches visit school this week and set up lots of different and fun activities for the children.  They worked really hard and there were lots of pink faces by the end of the session.  We've got our sports festival at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre next week to show off some of the skills we have learnt.  Look out for those photos on the website next week.





Summer Term Week 3  - 10th May  

TT Rock Stars

Well done to  Harper Mason who was at the top of the Leader board for this week with nearly 3,000.  Well done Harper and let's  see if anyone can catch her up.


Reading Challenge

Fantastic on Friday as most of the class had their reading books in school and had read them at home.  This is great news.  Well Done everybody.  Please remember that for all children reading 40 times or more, they will be invited to take part in a fun afternoon with special treat of ice-cream.



Project Work

The children have been learning about the countries of the UK this week and naming the capital cities.  


Phonics Work

Thank you to all of those who supported the children with their phonics 'dot and dash' homework.  The children will be coming home with different sheets on a regular basis over the next few weeks and we would really appreciate your continued support with this.  Please ask if you have any questions.



Summer Term Week 2 - 3rd May


TT Rock Stars


We had a great launch for our TT Rock stars website on Monday and the children had a great time working on the I-pads to set up  their starter scores.

The children all came home with their log in details and they can now access the website at home.  There will be a leader board in the main atrium and prizes will be awarded each week for children improving their scores or gaining the most points in a week.

It's great to see that some children have been accessing the website already.smiley  Thank you for your support with this.  I wonder who's going to get the prizes for this week...yes



Please continue to support your child to be in school every day and on time.  It really does make a great bonus to a child's education.


Reading Challenge

The reading challenge for this term has been announced and it caused lots of excitement with the children.........

40 reads before 12th July will mean that the children will enjoy a fun afternoon outside in the sunshine with the extra special treat of ice-cream.


That's definitely worth putting in that extra bit of effort.  Please support your child at home with this.  Children are expected to read at least  four times in a week and are rewarded with a special sticker in our Celebration assembly if they have read five times or more.  Let's see if we can get the whole class out on the field enjoying ice-cream.  That would be fantastic.






Summer Term Week 1 - 22nd April 2019


A big Welcome back to you all after the holidays and it's great to see you all after the break.  


Project Launch Day

The children all looked fantastic in their Superhero costumes and what a great way to launch our new project 'Superheroes'.  We did some writing in the morning about our superheroes and then we had a fantastic time in the outdoor classroom looking for superhero clues.  We've got some very exciting weeks planned and we've got some surprise visitors coming into school, so look out for this in the coming weeks....







100% attendance

Fantastic Well Done Class 1 and a big THANK YOU to parents for your support with this.


Our Superheroes

We had a lovely afternoon on Friday being very creative.  We thought about a new superhero and used lots of different materials to create our own.  Have a look at the fabulous designs we created.








Week 6 - A few photos from our very busy last week in school 


A massive WELL DONE to all of the children who read more than 40 times through the term and we had a lovely time on our Easter Egg hunt.  The weather was beautiful and we had to search really hard to find the eggs.  






We also had great fun writing our own stories about the Enchanted Woodland and we made them into book and shared our stories with the children in the Nursery classroom.  They loved listening to the stories and looking at the amazing illustrations.



The weather was kind to us again as we did our Eater Bonnet parade around the streets.  It was fantastic to see so many friends and family supporting the children and a lovely time was had by all.  Thank you to all of you who supported the children with the amazing bonnet creations. Well done to Korby Cuthbert  for being chosen as the winning design.




Please remember that the children need to dress up on Wednesday 24th April as their favourite Superhero to introduce our new project 'Superheroes'.  We will be having a fun day with a superhero treasure hunt and doing some superhero crafts.


Phonics Screening Meeting

Thursday  25th April 2.30pm

Please join us to find out all about the Phonics Screening, what it is and how you could help your child at home.


Have a wonderful Easter and Class 1, try not to eat too many Easter eggs all at once!!  We'll see you all safe and sound after the holidays and I'm looking forward to finding out what you've been up to.  Don't forget that there will be prizes for any children who have completed their alien and real words phonics sheet.  

Week 5 - 25th March

This week in our English lessons, we've been thinking about characters and settings and we've thought of some amazing adjectives to describe these.  Next week,  we're writing our own story book and sharing it with the children in the Nursery class.  We hope they'll love listening to our stories about the magic woodland.  We'll take some photos so keep a look out for these...


In Maths this week, we've been starting to think about multiplying and we now know all about doubling and counting in equal groups.  If you do want to work on anything over the weekend with your child, then counting in groups of 2, 5 and 10 would be fantastic.


Project work

On Wednesday afternoon the Year 1 children went to the outdoor classroom and were given a piece of clay to create their woodland character for their story.  The children were able to use lots of natural  objects that they found on the floor to make their characters more realistic.  We had a great time hunting around and we created some fabulous models.  What a great start for our story writing.










Wednesday 24th April, 2019

We will be introducing our children to their new project for the Summer Term and the children will be asked to come in to school dressed as a Superhero.  If you Google 'handmade superhero costumes', there are some great and easy ideas to copy.


Reading Challenge

The Easter Egg Hunt will take place next week for those children who have read more than 40 times this term.  We have 15 children taking part so that is really great news.  Look out for some pictures next week...




Week 4 -18th March


We've been busy watching our bean seeds growing this week.  There are lots of leaves starting to poke out of the seed and the children have enjoyed labeling the parts of a flowering plant.  We've done another 'HOT TASK' this week and the children have written their own set of instructions about planting their seed.  Fantastic improvements.



We've had a few children off this week but we hope all of the children are feeling much better and we'll have a better week next week.


Reading Challenge

Some of the children have already reached the 40 reads needed to take part in the Easter Egg Hunt, but please continue to read with you child until the end of term.  We will still be giving out our special 'Fab Five' reading stickers in assembly on Friday.  Thank you for your help with this.




Week 3 - 11th March

What an absolutely fantastic week and what amazing things we've had going on this week.

Olympic Athlete visit

Our week started with a visit from Olympic athlete, Joe Roebuck,  and the children listened really well in assembly as he told his story and how he continued to work hard when he didn't win all of his races.  In the afternoon,  Joe did a sports workout with the children and their were a few red faces as he put them through their paces.  The children thought it was fabulous and their behaviour as always was exceptional.  




Parent Share afternoon

An enormous thank you and what a really great turn out for our parent share afternoon.  The idea to having the afternoons in school is to allow parents to see a little of what we do in our classrooms.  The children have been looking at the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy and with your help, you helped them to create some fantastic sculptures in the style  of  Andy Goldsworthy and  they thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon in the sunshine.  We really hope that you all did too and again thank you from all of us for your continued support in everything that we do.








Red Nose Day

A school fashion show!!!  Mrs Green and Mrs Curtiss had taken some children to do some shopping for outfits.  The first job on Friday morning was to take my chosen fashion designers, Miss Lilah Brett and Mr Euan Newton-Walker,  to choose my outfit for the fashion show.  Well, within a couple of minutes, there was a lot of bling involved, a lovely straw hat, a black dress and a gorgeous pink cardigan!!

Next job, was to turn my fashion designers into make-up artists.  Green eye shadow on one side, pink on the other, lots of blue under my eyes, a number six and a house on one cheek and a triangle on the other.  Very glamorous indeed!!

The children then spent the morning making their own outfits from a bin liner and adding loads of decorations to it.


We even managed to make some Red nose biscuits and  wrote about it for our English work.  The best part was definitely eating the biscuits.


The day came to an end with the staff fashion show, parading along the catwalk in our outfits and make up.  Photos and videos of this are on the Grimsby Telegraph website.  What a brilliant and fun day for the school and a great way to raise money for a fantastic cause.  Thank you again for your support with this.


Week 2 - 4th March


Another fantastic week in Class 1 and yet another really busy week.



We've been thinking about number patterns this week and the children have been thinking about counting in groups of 10 and 2.  Any help with this at home would be great, even if the children are just counting the groups of 2 (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20)  and 10 (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70,  80, 90, 100). Thank you for this.


Reading Challenge

I think this was our best week ever for having children on 'green'.  Please remember that the date for the Easter egg Hunt is getting closer (29th March)and the children will need their 40 reads to take part in this.  Please continue to read with your child at home, it really is a great thing to do.


World Book Day

Thank you to you all for dressing up as Julia Donaldson characters and helping us to celebrate books.  The children looked amazing in their costumes and they really enjoyed making the fox from the Gruffalo story.  The concentration on the faces when they were making the paper dolls was brilliant.  They were so desperate to keep their dolls together.  Please remember to use the voucher that will allow the children to claim their free book.  




Parent Share



Please remember that it is our parent share afternoon on Wednesday where we will be going out to the Outdoor classroom and we will be creating some sculptures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.  Andy Goldsworthy creates sculptures using only natural materials.  We set up the Out door classroom as an art gallery and enjoyed talking about the sculptures that he has created.  We can't wait for you to help us create some of our own.  Please dress up warm and it may be a little muddy so wellies may be the best footwear.







Week 1 25th February

What a fantastic start to our new term with our trip to the Classroom in the Woods to launch our project 'Enchanted Woodland'.  The weather was gorgeous and the children were amazing.  There were lots of 'WOW' moments through the day.  Mr Dawson and Grace, who supported us through the day, thought the children were superb.  A real credit to our school.  We hope you'll enjoy looking through the photos to share the day with us.


We went on a walk around the woods first to look at signs of nature.  Lovely to see a small herd of deer so close to us.  We did a bit of pond dipping. 

We spent the afternoon building a fairy house, creating woodland people and making a fairy catcher.  A fantastic day for us all and a great start to our learning.








I think this was our best week ever and we were so close to having 100% attendance for the whole week.  Thank you for supporting your children with this.  One of these weeks, we WILL win the trophy full of sweets!!!


Reading Challenge


Just a polite reminder that the reading challenge for this term will end on the 29th March and the children need to have 40 reads by then so they can take part in the Easter Egg Hunt.  That's definitely worth reading for.


World Book day - Thursday 7th March


We've given the children the idea of Julia Donaldson books as ideas to dress up and the activities that we will do through the day will be linked to Julia Donaldson's stories.  Please speak to the children to see what they come up with, but if you are struggling for some simple ideas, here are some suggestions.



Room on the Broom (there are animals in the story too - cat, black bird, frog)





The Highway Rat


Hope these give you a few ideas.  There are also:

The Scarecrow's Wedding

The Whale and the Snail

Charlie Cook's favourite book

A squash and a Squeeze - an old lady with lots of animals

The Singing Mermaid

The Rhyming Rabbit






Week 5 - 4th February



Come on Class 1, let's have a great big push to see if we can win the attendance trophy before the holidays.  We do have a number of children in the class who have 100% attendance since September.  This is a fantastic achievement so well done to those children. Let's have the best attendance ever for this last week of school before half term ...


Reading Challenge 

I do keep reminding the children about the Easter Egg Hunt for those children who have read more than 40 times before the end of term. (29th March will be the last day for counting).   The children are making great progress with their reading and this is thanks to your support from home.  We do give out lots of stickers for Fab Five readers in our weekly assemblies and dojos are awarded for each read a child does in a week so lots of encouragement and rewards.


Parent Afternoon and End of Project Exhibition

Our class parent afternoon will be on Wednesday 13th February from 2pm.  Please join your child to create their own rocket ship.  These will then be launched into space on our end of project afternoon on Friday 15th February at 2.30pm.  We look forward to seeing lots of you there.  The children are very excited and have thought of some great ideas for rocket designs.


Maths work

Last week the children were investigating halves of shapes in our maths work.   This week started off by cutting a cake into quarters and knowing that each part has to be equal.  The children did all get to eat a quarter cake afterwards which was definitely worth working for!!







We've also been thinking about computers and how they follow instructions.  We had a cold but lovely afternoon outside trying to pretend that our friend was a robot and giving them instructions to get to certain places in the outdoor area and in the playground.  We had to really think about our left and right to make sure the robots went in the right direction.




Week 4 28th January

Bagel Breakfast

The children have really enjoyed having bagels for their breakfast and what a great start to the day.  


Maths Learning

We've been thinking about making halves of shapes in our maths sessions this week and the children have enjoyed folding pieces of paper to make halves.  There has been some great investigating going on when they had to think about whether they could make a half of the paper in any other way.   The children worked really well, working together and trying out other children's suggestions.







Yuri Gagarin

We've been learning about missions into Space this week and the children have been really interested in the life of Yuri Gagarin.  We were even able to educate one of the other adults in school with all of the information we had found out.  Ask them what they know ?


It's Neil Armstrong next week...



Week 3  - 21st January

Phonic Lesson Observations

Thank you to all of those parents who attended our phonic lessons on Monday and Tuesday.  The children worked really hard and we hope it gave you a good idea about what the children are doing.  If you do have any questions about what you saw please ask.   Thank  you again for your time.


Reading Challenge 

The children have come back after Christmas and are doing really well with the weekly home reading challenge.  We had loads of 'green' readers (those children who have read four times or more in the week) again this week.  Please continue to support your children with this.  They are very proud of themselves when they are a green reader and this couldn't be done without your help.  Please remember that children reading more than 40 times to Easter will be able to take part in our Easter Egg Hunt!!!  Now that is really something to get reading for!!





Another gold star on the door for our attendance this week and I think this is the closest we've come to winning the attendance trophy.  We came second......

Let's keep trying.  We will get there one week.



The children work really hard in class and we are always introducing new things to them.  In the last couple of weeks, the children have had a go at their first cold and hot task in writing.  We were wanting the children to write their own story so to start this off we just asked them to write a story with no support at all  (the cold task).  We then do lots of work in our lessons about what would make a good story and the things that we need to think about.  After the two weeks we then ask the children to again write a story on their own, but this time to use the things we have taught ( the hot task).  Class 1 have made me the proudest teacher ever this week when I looked at their new pieces of work.  The progress that they have made in the two weeks is fantastic.  Please ask if you would like to have a look at the work that your child has produced and the development in such a short time.  You will be as proud as I am.



Bagel Breakfast

Please don't forget our Bagel breakfast starting Monday 28th in the playground from 8.30-8.40.  Come along and the children can help themselves to a fresh bagel for breakfast. The children were very excited when I mentioned it to them in class the other day  so I'm sure there will be lots of happy faces on Monday morning.



Week 2 14th January


Please can I say a great big THANK YOU to all of the parents who have supported their children with reading over this week.  We have had the best read ever and most of the children are green readers (children who have read four times) or FAB FIVERS and will receive their special sticker in assembly.  It would be great if this could be continued and we keep our New Year's resolution to Mrs Green (We promised that we would have more green readers each week).  Let's keep it going.....


Moon Zoom!

We had a surprise on Thursday when our alien sent us an email and sent us some photos of what he has been up to.  We now know that he's called Zane and he came down to Earth with his friend Ziggy.  We're waiting for him to be in touch again...


Science Work

We've been really busy investigating materials this week and trying to identify what different things are made from.





Phonics Workshops


Please remember our phonic sessions on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd 10.15-10.45 am.  Parents are welcome to come and watch a phonics session being delivered by teaching staff with a follow up session after school on Tuesday 22nd (3.15pm in the Community Room) for any questions you may have.  Hope you can join us.

Week 1  - 7th January 

Welcome back and a Happy New Year  to all our children, parents and families.

What a great start we've had to our new term.



We've already had a gold star for our first week back so fantastic news for this and let's keep it going.  The children were very excited to see Mrs Curtiss sticking it to the door.



Mrs Green has asked each of the classes to make a new year resolution and after we had a chat as a class, the children wanted to concentrate on our weekly reading challenge and try to get more green readers each week.  It was a great start to the challenge and our promise to Mrs Green.  The children also know that if they have 40 reads by 29th March, they will take part in our Easter Egg challenge.  That's definitely something to aim for and I'm going to make sure I get my weekly reads too!!



Moon Zoom!!!!

What a fantastic launch to our new project with the children being visited by an alien.  I can't believe that of all the places on the Earth, he managed to crash land his space craft in our classroom.   We've got some very exciting things to find out about him.



The alien left us lots of things that he'd brought down from space with him and the children had a great time investigating the different materials. 





Keep a look out for our alien.   You never know where he might turn up.  



Our homework ideas sheet for this half term has been sent home.  Please have a look at and see which activities you would like to do with your children.  It would be great if you could complete them and we'll display them in the classroom.  Thank you for your help with this as always.

Week 15 - 17th December


Another very  busy week in Class and some great photos to share with you this week.


Christmas Concert

A massive 'Well Done' to all of the children who sang their hearts out at the concert.  Thank you to all of the parents and friends who supported the children and praised them for their hard work.

They looked absolutely amazing in their festive jumpers and dresses.


Also a mention for Rhea, Euan and Maddison (not pictured),  but who also looked amazing.


Friday was a special day for us too as we celebrated the children who had achieved 100% attendance through the week and were able to choose a lovely Christmas treat.  As you can see from the photo, the treats were enjoyed by all!!  Also again a mention for Rhea, Euan and Maddison who also achieved this.




The last of the special treats for this week was for the children who had read more than fifty times since September.  They enjoyed a lovely afternoon watching Gnome Alone.  A super treat for doing all their reading.  Thank you to all of the adults at home who have supported the children as this could not have been achieved without your help.  Another mention again for Euan and Rhea who also achieved their fifty or more reads.  Well done everyone.



The children have had an amazing term and they've worked very hard.  We've got lots of exciting things planned for after the holidays and the introduction of the new project is really going to go off with a bang!!!. 

Thank you again for all of your support over the last term and we wish the children and all of their families a very Happy Christmas and we look forward to seeing the children back in school on Tuesday 8th  January, 2019.




Week 14 - 10th December


Another busy week in Class 1...


Thank you to all of the adults who supported us at our exhibition afternoon on Wednesday.  It was fantastic to see such a great turn out.  The children enjoyed putting the finishing touches to their memory boxes with you and what a super thing to look back on as they get older.







Thank you as well to all who supported us with the Christmas Fair.  It was a lovely atmosphere and it was again great to see so many people attending despite the awful weather.


I had a lovely lunch on Friday and we started to get even more into the Christmas spirit as I joined the children to share Christmas lunch with them.  They loved the crackers and party hats and the food was delicious and it was such an exciting time.




Great news as well this for all of the children who have 100% attendance this week.  (Missing from the photo but still a great big Well Done to Euan and Rhea.)  A special Christmas treat!   Well done to them all and let's try to get even more for next week...





Please remember that it's our Christmas Concerts this week  (Tuesday and Wednesday)  and it would be lovely if you could join us to celebrate with us. 










Week 13- 3rd December


Parent Project afternoon

Please remember that we have our Memory box project exhibition this Wednesday 5th December at 2.30 pm. Please join us to help your child put the finishing touches to the memory boxes.  They've worked really hard this week making the boxes look so beautiful.​​​​​​            ​​​​​​



This week's final home work for the project box is to draw round a hand and a foot.  These can then go in the box and the children can remember small they used to be.  Thank you for all of your support with the things that have been brought in.



Reading Challenge

We've had a bit of a slide with our  home reading challenge and we've only got a few children who will get reading stickers this week and we'd love you to help us to get back on track again.  There's a bit of a competition going on between the Year 1 and Year 2 classes as to who can get the most stickers each week and we'd love to out do them this week.  

As well as the reading stickers, the children are also working towards having 50 reads from September to Christmas.  This will mean that they will have the chance to be a part of an extra special treat which will definitely be worth working for....

Thank you again for your support with this, it really is appreciated.


Christmas Concerts

The children are working really hard and it's all coming together beautifully.  The songs sound lovely and the children sing them really well.  Please remember that we would like to have all Christmas jumpers/dresses in school for Wednesday 5th December.  Thank you for your support with this.  If you have any questions, please let me know.


Christmas Fayre

Please come and support us with our Christmas Fayre on Wednesday 5th December from 3.15pm.  Lots of games to be a part of and lots of craft things to buy.  Look out for me and Mrs Wright selling raffle tickets and hopefully you'll get some lucky numbers.



Week 12 - 26th November, 2018


Thank you to all parents who are supporting us with the homework for the memory boxes.  We're getting quite a collection of things now.  We've started to decorate our memory boxes in school.  They already look very special.




Please remember our special parent event to finish the memory boxes on Wednesday 5th December.


Christmas Concert

We're starting to learn our song words for our Christmas Concert 'Christmas Counts'.  We would like to ask that all children have either a Christmas jumper/dress or clothes in Christmassy colours (red, green, sparkly).  A letter will be going out to all parents on Monday.  Thank you for your help with this.



Week 11 - 19th November


We had over 98% attendance again this week so another gold star again for us.  Great work.  The children were again very excited as they watched Mrs Curtiss stick the gold star to the class room door.  Let's keep trying for that 100%.  



Thank you to those children who brought in their toys to be photographed.  There is still plenty of time in you've not remembered yet.  This week's homework is all about family celebrations...write about it, draw it, email a photo to us (, bring in a photo or maybe a card from the celebration.  We're building up our memories to go in our memory boxes.  Thank you for your help with this.


Project Work

We were looking at features of our local environment this week and we went for a walk around our local area.  It was a beautiful but cool afternoon and the children spotted lots of things as we walked round.  Behaviour as usual was fantastic.




We've got a busy week ahead of us this week as we'll be designing and making our memory boxes.  Please remember that we would love you to join us on Wednesday 5th December to put all of our memories into the boxes and place them on our special display.



Week 10 - 12th November 2018


Another great week for attendance with 98%.  Well done to Class 1 and let's keep it going.  We will win the trophy one week!


School Council 

The children voted last week for their representative from our class.  The person who received the most votes was Tillie Martin, with Harper Mason as her deputy.  They received badges to wear with pride.  We look forward to hearing the news from the school council meetings. 


Our Special visitors...

We had some very special visitors in school this mum and dad. 

The children asked them some amazing questions and found out lots about my childhood.  The children were so interested and keen to find out.  Another very proud teacher moment.





Thank you to all of those children who are completing their homework for the memory box.  I can imagine it was really hard work last week, having to eat a packet of sweets!!!

For homework this week, please can the children bring in their favourite toy which we will take a photo of and send home again.  The toy will not need to stay in school.  Thank you.


Remembrance Day

The children have created some beautiful poppies using their hand prints and these are to go on display in the atrium.  We also made poppies by sticking love heart shapes together and we thought about why we were making the poppies.  We will be joining the school with a two minute silence at 11am on Monday 12th November.


Plans for the week...

On Wednesday, we will be going for a walk around our local area and identifying some of the features of the local environment.  We will then be creating maps from what we have seen.   Let's hope that the weather will be kind to us.


Week 9 - 5th November, 2018

The children have all settled in well after their week at home and we managed to get a gold star for attendance this week so the children were excited about that.


Mrs Green spoke to the children in assembly about the school council and asked for a representative from each class.  Lots of children put their names forward and we had a class vote on Friday.  We will let you know the results this week.  


Thank you to all who attended for our project launch family tea party last Thursday. It was great to see so many people there.  Thank you as well for the information that you provided about your children.  It will be very useful in the coming weeks.  The children worked really hard getting the tea party ready.........


and it was a great success.





Ask the children about our special visitors for this week.....


Reading Challenge

We've got a number of children on our green reading chart which means that they have read four times a week but we would love to see more children getting their 'Fab Fiver' stickers for five, six and seven reads in the week.  Thank you for your help with this.



Please remember that the children needed to either draw a picture of their family, provide a photo or email a photo into school for last weeks homework.

This week, all the children need to do is collect a wrapper from their favourite sweet or chocolate bar and an empty packet from their favourite crisps and bring them into school.    All of the items that we are asking for will go in the children's special memory which we will create at the end of the project. 

Thank you again for your help with this.




Week 8 29th October 2018

Our new project for this half term is 'Memory box' and we will be thinking all about our families and special times.  We will be finding out about what we could do as a baby and what we can do now.   Listen out for our special visitors who will tell you all about Mrs Mountain as she grew up.  We will be thinking about how toys have changed and looking at things in the local environment.

Please look out for the special invites from the children for our 'Family tea party' on Thursday 1st November at 2.30 pm.   

Week 7  15th October 2018


Spellings for this week.  To be tested for Friday 19th October









Please keep the homework sheets at home to practice before Friday.  Thank you.


Christmas Cards

The children have come home this week with the Christmas cards that they have created in school.  Please complete the order form and return to school if you would like to buy some of these.  The cards are amazing and the children worked really hard to create them and how wonderful would they be to send out to friends and relations.  

Our Class Share Time 

This afternoon (Tuesday) we invited the parents in to join us to see what the children have been doing over this half term.  It was lovely to see many parents attending and the children finished the afternoon with some songs and some dancing.  Thank you to those parents who shared it with us.


Penny Wars

What a great time the children are having with their penny war jars.  The children have found it really funny and they're definitely getting into the competitive spirit.  It's certainly been making us laugh as the children are sneaking into other classes and putting silver coins in the jars.  Thank you to all who are supporting us with this. What a fantastic idea.  



We're moving on to a new project after the half term holidays.  We're having a special event on Thursday 1st November and we'd love for you to attend.  The children will be writing a special invitation for you after the holidays so keep a look out for that.  


Thank you again for all of your support over the last few weeks and we're so proud of how the children have settled into their Year One class and we're looking forward to lots more exciting things after the holidays.




Week 6 8th October, 2018


Class 1 were all awarded their official zookeeper badges last week and they wrote some fantastic instructions about being a zookeeper.  I was so proud of the work the children produced. 


We found out about what our pets liked to eat and we went over to the wildlife area to see if we could find our animals a suitable home.


We had some great smiles for our photographer on Friday and it will be lovely to see the final  photographs.


Thank you to all of the parents who attended for parent's evening.  It was great to let you know how well the children have settled into their Year 1 class.  


Reading Challenge

I was really pleased with the amount of children who were 'green' readers this week.  This means that they have read four or more times  each week.  Please continue to do this as it is really beneficial for the children to be reading on a regular basis.  Thank you for your support with this.


Spellings for this week









These will be tested on Friday 12th October.  Thank you.






Week 5 1st October 2018

What another fantastic week we've had in Class 1.  Something strange happened in the classroom and a bottle of magic dust appeared.  It turned us all into zookeepers so we could find out about the jobs that a zookeeper has to do in their day.

The children were amazing zookeepers although I was a bit worried when lots of them said that their best job of the day was cleaning up animal poo!! 

We're going to be looking at the writing a list of instructions this week.  We might  see if other children in the school want to take it on as a job when they've read what they have to do!!


Reading challenge

Thank you to all of you who have helped your children to be 'green' readers and an extra thank you to those children who were a 'fab fiver'.  It is really important for the children to be reading regularly at home and we'd love to see more children becoming 'green' readers each week.



The children are still desperate to have their hands on the attendance trophy (well probably more the sweets that are in it!)  so please may I  remind about how important it is to have children in school and at the correct time.  Classroom doors are now open in a morning from 8.40am.  Thank you for your help with this.


Weekly spellings









Please complete the sheet that comes home with the children each Monday and then keep the sheet at home to have a go through the week.  The children will have a fun spelling test on Fridays.  Thank you again for your help with this.






Week 4 24th September, 2018

What a fantastic and busy week we had last week.  We went over to the wildlife area to look for  butterflies and then we wrote all about it.  We've been looking at 1 more and 1 less in our maths.  We've been looking at a map of the world and finding out which continents different animals come from.   We did some great singing in music and I do apologise if the children came home singing Hey you!.  It was so catchy. 





Children are now going to be having a little spelling test on a Friday.  They will bring home a sheet with their weekly spellings on which will allow them to practice their spellings by copying the words and then covering them over to check.   Please have a go at these with your children through the week. 


Spellings for this Friday 28th September are:









Please continue to read with your children at home.  We'd love for everybody to read four times a week and be a 'green' reader.  If your child reads 5 or more times then they will be a 'Fab Fiver' and will receive a special sticker in assembly.



The children are desperate to win the enormous attendance trophy and let's see if we can go for it this week.


Thank you for your support with all of the above.  Your support is always greatly appreciated.

Welcome to Class 1!


 A very big welcome to Class 1 and Mrs Mountain and what an exciting term we've got ahead of us. 

Our project for this half term is 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers'.  We're going to be learning all about different animals, where they live and what they eat.

We started our project with a trip to The Jungle Zoo in Cleethorpes where all of the children had a fantastic day and were very well behaved.

We listened to the zookeeper telling us about the different animals.   We all thought the meerkats were rather cute, the tortoise was enormous, the monkeys were very naughty and we weren't too sure about stroking the snake!

Image result for jungle zoo cleethorpesImage result for jungle zoo cleethorpes



Reading Challenge

Children need to be reading at home at least four times per week.  Stickers will be awarded in assembly for those children reading four times or more (but only one read a day will be allowed) and a 'dojo' will be awarded for each read through the week.  Please encourage your child with this.  Thank you



Weekly spellings - to be practised for Fridays each week

The children will come home with a Look, Cover, Write, Check sheet which we would love you to practise with them through the week.  Children will then have an activity sheet to complete in class on a Friday.

Week 1 (17th September)








PE days

Our PE days are Mondays and Tuesdays so children will need to have their full kit in school for these days (t-shirt, shorts and PE shoes).  Can we please ask that all earrings are removed before school.  Thank you.