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Healing Multi-Academy Trust

Woodlands Academy

Autumn 2

Week 6 - 5Dec19

Christmas candle wreaths


Today the children have continued their creativity and made these beautiful Christmas candle wreaths.  They used a length of willow branch for the base and then added their chosen foliage using florist's wire.  The wreaths are currently doing a wonderful job of decorating our library before they go home at the end of term.

Week 5 - 28Nov19

Making Christmas tree decorations


We had a much more relaxed afternoon this week.  First, we put out the fat balls that we made for the birds last week.  Then we decorated some discs of log slices with images relating to Christmas and the garden (robins, trees, wreaths, etc).  We chose one of the four advent words (joy, love, hope and peace) to write on the back with our names, 'gardening club' and 'Christmas 2019'.  They look amazing - Mrs Curtiss was so impressed that she asked if she could have them to decorate the Christmas tree in the entrance to the school where they really do look wonderful.

Week 4 - 20Nov19

Fat Balls


The children grated cheese and added peanut kibbles, sultanas and seed mix to create a nutritious mix for the birds to help sustain them over the winter.  The children thought it looked and smelled delicious.  They then added softened lard to the mix to add extra energy for the birds and they quickly changed their minds - the smell of pork fat filled the room and the strong odour was quite unpleasant.  The children were really sensible though and knew that, despite the smell, there was a job to be done.  They then packed the mix into beakers with string attached ready to be frozen.  As we need them, we can remove the plastic beaker and hang the fat balls among the trees.

Week 3 - 14Nov19



The children enjoyed planting snowdrop bulbs in plant pots to hang along the playground fence.  We had one last try at building the mini greenhouses.  I suggested the children give up on the green houses if we were unable to complete them this time and the children reminded me that 'Woodlands' kids never give up'.  We discussed how we haven't given up because this is not our first attempt but that sometimes you just have to admit when the time spent on something becomes wasted time.  The children did brilliantly and worked out how to build them, only to find that lots of poles seemed to be missing.

Week 2 - 7Nov19

Almost a wash out!


The rain was unbelievable today so our original plans of planting potatoes did not come together.  We decided to head out to the shed and see what we have to use.  We also found two more mini greenhouses but there were no instructions.  The children got their heads together once again to build them but they did not manage it this week.  They are, however, optimistic that they know what to do now so would like to try again next week.

Week 1 - 31Oct19

Keeping the vampires away


It's Halloween so the children have been planting garlic to help keep the vampires away.  The children checked that the planters had holes in the bottom and a layer of gravel was added so that any water will drain away.  The children then added compost before breaking up the garlic bulbs and planting them with the pointy part facing upwards.  The children discovered that the garlic you buy from the supermarket won't always grow because it has been treated with chemicals to help it stay fresh for longer.  We are hoping to have fresh garlic to use in the cooking suite by May.


The children also did an amazing job of working together to build a mini-greenhouse for use later in the year.