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Woodlands Academy

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Pupil Premium

At Woodlands Academy we aim to:

  • work with parents/carers throughout the year to make sure that all eligible students have been identified.
  • support our Pupil Premium students by meeting their pastoral, social and academic needs.
  • improve the lives of our children, enabling them to unlock their creativity and enjoy their learning journey so that they can be the best that they can be.
  • provide opportunities for all of our students to engage in their learning and to acquire the skills and knowledge they need for future success.
  • use the Pupil Premium imaginatively and effectively to ensure that economic disadvantage for some students is not a barrier to success.
  • create and maintain a high profile of Pupil Premium students amongst staff as a key accountability group.
  • enable our Pupil Premium children to play an active part in our school community through events, trips and other community events.
  • create an enabling environment to support and extend children’s development and learning; where students feel safe and secure to explore.


We will do this by:

  • Focussing on the quality of classroom teaching at all times.
  • Identifying any barriers to learning and planning accordingly to overcome these.
  • Ensuring poor attendance is tracked and tackled with children and families.
  • Providing opportunities for parents, as well as children, to have regular access to our Families And Communities Team (FACT) who can offer pastoral support.
  • Making sure that interventions are put swiftly in place when needed, are monitored regularly for impact and adapted if necessary.
  • Delivering an excitiing curriculum with opportunities for children to develop their independence.


We will know this by:

  • Monitoring the quality of teaching, ensuring all children receive Quality First Teaching in the classroom and supporting our teachers to deliver this.
  • Supporting our TA’s and providing opportunities for CPD development to make them ‘experts’.
  • Rigorously monitoring progress and interventions through data, observations and pupil voice.