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Woodlands Academy

Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!

We are Miss Wilson and Mrs Kirk and are pleased to be working with your children this year. 

Please check our class page for regular updates of your child's work in and out of the classroom.



Woodlands Warriors!

Class 5 took part in a handball tournament alongside pupils from Signhills Academy. The children practiced the skills needed for handball before playing in mixed teams against each other. They were amazing - lots of effort, team work and sportsmanship was displayed from all our children. 


Star performers of the day were Patryk and Carol-Ann.


Well done to all of the children smiley

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Picture 2
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Picture 11

Friday 8th February

We had a fantastic time on Friday afternoon creating volcano art. We used watercolours to paint the sky, tissue paper to create a volcano and then used straws to blow paint to make it look like an eruption. 

Amazing Homework! By Elsie and Elizabeth

Amazing Homework! By Elsie and Elizabeth 1
Amazing Homework! By Elsie and Elizabeth 2

Attendance Prize - Pizzas!! 😁🌟🍕

Attendance Prize - Pizzas!! 😁🌟🍕 1
Attendance Prize - Pizzas!! 😁🌟🍕 2
Attendance Prize - Pizzas!! 😁🌟🍕 3
Attendance Prize - Pizzas!! 😁🌟🍕 4

WEEK 5 - 4.2.19


This week's spellings:


Miss Wilson                          Mrs Kirk

angrily                                   again

simply                                    half

incredibly                               money

mention                                 Mr

minute                                   Mrs


For extra spelling help please visit the Spelling website on the link below.

Enjoying class reading time - Flat Stanley

Enjoying class reading time - Flat Stanley 1
WEEK 4 - 28.1.19

Length - measuring in m and cm

Length - measuring in m and cm 1
Length - measuring in m and cm 2
Length - measuring in m and cm 3
Length - measuring in m and cm 4

We are currently at the top of the school leader board!!

The children are trying really hard and we are incredibly proud of them. Their hard work has been noticed in the fantastic improvements they have made this week on their test.

Keep up the hard work!

WEEK 3 - 21.01.19


This week's spellings:


Miss Wilson                                   Mrs Kirk

reappear                                        should

finally                                             would

continually                                     who

important                                       whole

island                                             any


We saw huge improvements in test scores last week, and this is being seen in the children's work too. Please continue to help your child learn their spellings.

WEEK 2 - 14.1.19


Spellings - please continue to encourage and help your child as they learn their spellings each week.


Miss Wilson:                                   Mrs Kirk:

return                                              improve

usually                                            sure

unfortunately                                  sugar

regularly                                         eye

heard                                              could


What a great first day back! The children and their parents really enjoyed making volcanoes this afternoon. It got quite messy so we decided to let them ‘erupt’ on the playground. Have a look at our fantastic pictures. 

Year 3 Tremors Homework

Happy New Year!


Welcome back, we hope that you have enjoyed the holidays and have had a well earned rest. We are excited for the children to be back in school with us ready for a new term.


Our new topic is TREMORS - we will learning all about volcanoes, their geographical locations, volcanoes today and exploring the city of Pompeii through our literacy work. We hope the children will be as excited as us!


The children have all brought log on cards home for Times Tables Rockstars - this can be accessed through the link below on laptops, phones, tablets or PCs. By the end of Year 3 children are expected to know their X3, X4 and x8 tables, please help them to do this. They will earn coins for correct answers which can be used to spruce up their avatar on the website. 

WEEK 14 - 10.12.18


This week's Spellings:


Miss Wilson:








Mrs Kirk:







Heroes and Villains exhibition

Heroes and Villains exhibition 1
Heroes and Villains exhibition 2
Heroes and Villains exhibition 3
Heroes and Villains exhibition 4
Heroes and Villains exhibition 5
Heroes and Villains exhibition 6

Reminder - exhibition Friday 7th 2pm

WEEK 13 - 3.12.18


Buddy the elf has come to stay with us this month! He will watching the children work in the classroom during December - let's hope he is a good elf and doesn't cause too much mischief!


Weekly Spellings:


Miss Wilson                                  Mrs Kirk


dislike                                           beautiful

misunderstood                             after

incomplete                                   fast

incredible                                     last

forward                                        past


Please spend time with your child learning their spellings and encourage them to complete their spelling sentences. Thank you.

WEEK 12 - 26.11.18


Miss Wilson                              Mrs Kirk


disobey                                     every

misheard                                  great

invisible                                    break

misjudge                                  steak

enough                                     pretty


Please encourage your child to learn this week's spellings and complete their spelling homework.

WEEK 11 - 19.11.18


Weekly spellings


Miss Wilson                        Mrs Kirk                


disappoint                           old

misspell.                             cold

incorrect.                            gold

disresectful.                        hold

eight.                                  told


Please encourage your child to practise their spellings, dojos are awarded for returned homework sheets every Friday 😁




WEEK 10 - 12.11.18


This week we are learning and using our 3x and 4x tables.

Please help us to become times tables superstars by helping us practice at home too.

Here are some links to the songs we have been using to help us and a times tables games website.

Ian Bland - poet visit

Ian Bland - poet visit 1
Ian Bland - poet visit 2
Ian Bland - poet visit 3
Ian Bland - poet visit 4
Ian Bland - poet visit 5
Ian Bland - poet visit 6
Ian Bland - poet visit 7
Ian Bland - poet visit 8

3 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

Visit Laugh Along and Learn Website: Subscribe to Laugh Along and Learn's YouTube channel: Like Laugh Along and Learn on Facebook: Follow Laugh Along and Learn on Pinterest: View the Kool Kidz album here (11 Songs) Children feel special when they hear their name in songs and our times tables are so catchy they will learn in not time at all.

4 Times Table Song (Learning is Fun The Todd & Ziggy Way!)

Have fun learning with Todd & Ziggy! Laugh Along and Learn sing the 4 times table song with the new and updated Reggae Beatz collection. The 4 times table is as easy as ever! The song is so catchy it will stay in your head - along with the times tables!

Week 9 - 5.11.18


We have been using art to help us understand Remembrance and the 100 year anniversary of WW1. We created sunset watercolour back washes and then used black sugar paper to create memorial silhouettes. We think they are a fitting memorial to commemorate those who have fought and died for our country. 

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget 1
Lest We Forget 2
Lest We Forget 3

Year 3 homework

WEEK 8 - 29.10.18

WEEK 8 - 29.10.18 1


Welcome back! We hope you had a great half term.


We kicked off the new term with our ‘Heroes and Villains’ day today. The children wrote about their characters, created their own superhero and made a mask. 

Our 100% attendance children. Well done to you all 👍

Our 100% attendance children. Well done to you all 👍 1

WEEK 7 15th OCTOBER 2018




We spent the afternoon watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with...


Our very own chocolate bars 😁😁


The children have been working on their questioning and letter writing skills in the hopes that they can persuade Mrs Green to allow the class to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They have been working hard all term and have loved reading the book so they all have their fingers crossed that after reading their finished letters Mrs Green will decide that it's a well-deserved treat. Fingers crossed 🤞

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4



Fruit Tasting - Thursday 11th October 1.30pm


Join us for a fruit tasting session in the hall as part of our project 'Scrumdiddlyumptious'.


We will be treated to a variety of yummy treats and hope to encourage the children to try as many new fruity delights as they can. 



In RE we have been learning about Sukkot, the Jewish festival of harvest. We made Sukkah's which are used for the week of harvest. Jewish families live, sleep, work and play in the Sukkah for the whole of Sukkot.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14

This week's new spellings (01.10.18)







Remember - we test spellings every Friday, dojo points are available for those children who bring back their spelling sheet.



Great British Bake Off

As we have been studying all things yummy in year 3, we thought the children could become star bakers for the day. We mixed up the two classes and the children spent the afternoon following a recipe to bake their own 'bread in a bag'. We will be using this experience to help them with instructional writing.


If you would like to have a go at baking your own bread in a bag, follow the link below



Fantastic factory visit!


To launch into our new project 'Scrumdiddlyumptious' year 3 went on an educational visit to the Morrisons Fish Factory. The children had an amazing day, finding out where their fish comes from, what happens to it on its way to the supermarket shelves, and were even treated to a sensational taste testing session. The children had very diverse tastes and couldn't decide which fish they liked best with salmon, smoked haddock and crab sticks coming top! It was a super trip which everyone enjoyed and really helped to excite the children about their new project back in the classroom. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7