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Woodlands Academy

Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!


In Year 2 our project this half term is 'Land Ahoy' in which we will be learning all about boats, pirates and sea explorers.


Class 3 had a celebration in RE (Religious Education) this week, where they enjoyed juice and crackers. 








Class 3 Reading Area

Our class love our reading area. The children enjoy being detectives, finding specific things in books such as nouns or adjectives. We have a basket with magnifying glasses and torches in which help with us being detectives. Here are some of the children using our reading area and the resources we have in there to help them use and understand books more.





The adults in the classroom have also been listening to individual children read and also been carrying out guided group reading sessions. The children are also allowed to choose their own reading books now, which they are enjoying doing.  





Home learning

The children in class 3 have done some amazing homework this half term, so thank you to everyone that has helped the children with our project. We were going to have a boat race with the boats that were made, but due to the material that some of the boats were made with, we decided against this idea as the water would ruin some of the children's hard work. Instead we have displayed them in the glass cabinets in the atrium and they look fantastic! As well as the boats, we have displayed some of the treasure chests too. Due to the space we have, we aren't able to display every single piece of homework but we have tried to display at least 1 piece. 


Here is what they look like.










Class 3 making treasure maps

                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 1
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 2
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 3
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 4
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 5
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 6
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 7
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 8
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 9
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 10
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 11
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 12
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 13
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 14
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 15
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 16
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 17
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 18
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 19
                                                                                                Class 3 making treasure maps 20

This week's spellings 12.10.18

Test on 19.10.18

If your child is in Miss French's phonics group, the list below has the spellings for this week.

Spelling pattern ay, oy, a-e








If your child is in Miss Langley's or Mr Dickson's phonics group, the list below has the spellings for this week.

Spelling pattern -le, -el, -al











Maths in Class 3 this week (8.10.18-12.10.18)

Children in class 3 have been working on subtracting with renaming this week. As a class, most children have found it a difficult concept and have been taught it in different ways, which is helping. Below are the pages from our Maths No Problem textbooks which we use with the children to help with our teaching. These pages are here to help if your child wishes to practise some more at home but this is not extra homework and so doesn't need bringing back. So you can see where your child is with this concept, you could maybe give them a challenge to try such as 36 - 9 shown using the column method. Any help that is needed, please see Miss Langley or Mr Dickson in Class 3.




This week's spellings 5.10.18

Test on 12.10.18

This week we have given 2 different sets of spellings out.

If your child is in Miss French's phonics group, the list below has the spellings for this week.

Spelling pattern ai, oi, e-e








If your child is in Miss Langley's or Mr Dickson's group, the list below has the spellings for this week.

Spelling pattern kn, gn, wr










We don't need to see the spellings back in school, we just ask that your child practises them at home.



In class 3 this week (reading counted from 28.09.18 to 4.10.18), every child has read 4, 5, 6 or 7 times.

Keep up the good work Class 3!


Children don't have to read the whole book they are sent home with, as long as they have read a couple of pages.

One read a day is counted, so a maximum of 7 reads a week can happen. Your child can read more than this if they wish too, but only 1 read will be counted in school. Our reading is counted from a Friday to a Thursday, so each Friday will be counted as read 1.

Every Friday, we award stickers to the children who are in the Fab Five club, for reading 5, 6 or 7 times the previous week.


Any questions about this, please see Miss Langley.

Year 2 Treasure hunt


This week Year 2 joined together and we went on a treasure hunt. We dressed as pirates and had lots of fun!







This week's spellings 28.09.18

Test 05.10.18


Spelling patterns j before a, e and c before e, y










This week's spellings...


Test 28.9.18

Spelling pattern [dge], [ge], [g] before, [g] before [i].









Pirates always find their treasure!


There was great confusion and excitement when an envelope appeared outside the Year 2 Classrooms on Friday afternoon.  We thought perhaps it would contain a letter from Captain Blackbeard, or maybe some gold coins from a treasure chest.  The children worked together to read the note that we found inside - it told us to follow the instructions to find where we'd land.  We had to work together to keep close and move just as we were told (turning left and right and taking steps forwards and backwards).  We followed the instructions and found three letters, 'g, 'e' and 'g'.  We decided it could not be the word 'geg' and realised it said 'egg' and was leading us to our egg chairs.  We went to investigate!  When we got there though, we had been tricked and it really meant the big egg chair.  We found yet another message there that told us our treasure could be in one of classrooms.  Class 3 found the jewelled sweets hiding in a treasure chest under a blanket in the reading corner.  As we all worked together so well, it was only fair that we all got to share the booty. Brilliant treasure hunting Year 2!

Spellings for week commencing 17.09.18

Test on Friday 21.09.18










Collaborative working

Year 2 enjoyed working together to research famous explorers.



Visit to the RNLI station


We started our project off by visiting the RNLI station at Cleethorpes. We learnt a lot of information about boats and saw a rescue boat too. Steve, a volunteer at the station, talked us through each part of the boat.


He then showed us all the equipment and clothing needed before going out on a rescue. The volunteers have to put it all on within 1 minute!


We all had a fantastic time at the station!

Making boats


We had an afternoon making boats from different construction materials. We only had a short time to make them and used a picture on the board for inspiration.




First day in Class 3


As our project is called 'Land Ahoy', one of the first activities we completed, was a floating and sinking activity. We tested out different materials in a water tray, to see which materials would be good for a boat to be made from.