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Woodlands Academy

Tall Oaks from Little Acorns Grow

Class 1

Week 14 - 10th December


Another busy week in Class 1...


Thank you to all of the adults who supported us at our exhibition afternoon on Wednesday.  It was fantastic to see such a great turn out.  The children enjoyed putting the finishing touches to their memory boxes with you and what a super thing to look back on as they get older.







Thank you as well to all who supported us with the Christmas Fair.  It was a lovely atmosphere and it was again great to see so many people attending despite the awful weather.


I had a lovely lunch on Friday and we started to get even more into the Christmas spirit as I joined the children to share Christmas lunch with them.  They loved the crackers and party hats and the food was delicious and it was such an exciting time.




Great news as well this for all of the children who have 100% attendance this week.  (Missing from the photo but still a great big Well Done to Euan and Rhea.)  A special Christmas treat!   Well done to them all and let's try to get even more for next week...





Please remember that it's our Christmas Concerts this week  (Tuesday and Wednesday)  and it would be lovely if you could join us to celebrate with us. 










Week 13- 3rd December


Parent Project afternoon

Please remember that we have our Memory box project exhibition this Wednesday 5th December at 2.30 pm. Please join us to help your child put the finishing touches to the memory boxes.  They've worked really hard this week making the boxes look so beautiful.​​​​​​            ​​​​​​



This week's final home work for the project box is to draw round a hand and a foot.  These can then go in the box and the children can remember small they used to be.  Thank you for all of your support with the things that have been brought in.



Reading Challenge

We've had a bit of a slide with our  home reading challenge and we've only got a few children who will get reading stickers this week and we'd love you to help us to get back on track again.  There's a bit of a competition going on between the Year 1 and Year 2 classes as to who can get the most stickers each week and we'd love to out do them this week.  

As well as the reading stickers, the children are also working towards having 50 reads from September to Christmas.  This will mean that they will have the chance to be a part of an extra special treat which will definitely be worth working for....

Thank you again for your support with this, it really is appreciated.


Christmas Concerts

The children are working really hard and it's all coming together beautifully.  The songs sound lovely and the children sing them really well.  Please remember that we would like to have all Christmas jumpers/dresses in school for Wednesday 5th December.  Thank you for your support with this.  If you have any questions, please let me know.


Christmas Fayre

Please come and support us with our Christmas Fayre on Wednesday 5th December from 3.15pm.  Lots of games to be a part of and lots of craft things to buy.  Look out for me and Mrs Wright selling raffle tickets and hopefully you'll get some lucky numbers.



Week 12 - 26th November, 2018


Thank you to all parents who are supporting us with the homework for the memory boxes.  We're getting quite a collection of things now.  We've started to decorate our memory boxes in school.  They already look very special.




Please remember our special parent event to finish the memory boxes on Wednesday 5th December.


Christmas Concert

We're starting to learn our song words for our Christmas Concert 'Christmas Counts'.  We would like to ask that all children have either a Christmas jumper/dress or clothes in Christmassy colours (red, green, sparkly).  A letter will be going out to all parents on Monday.  Thank you for your help with this.



Week 11 - 19th November


We had over 98% attendance again this week so another gold star again for us.  Great work.  The children were again very excited as they watched Mrs Curtiss stick the gold star to the class room door.  Let's keep trying for that 100%.  



Thank you to those children who brought in their toys to be photographed.  There is still plenty of time in you've not remembered yet.  This week's homework is all about family celebrations...write about it, draw it, email a photo to us (, bring in a photo or maybe a card from the celebration.  We're building up our memories to go in our memory boxes.  Thank you for your help with this.


Project Work

We were looking at features of our local environment this week and we went for a walk around our local area.  It was a beautiful but cool afternoon and the children spotted lots of things as we walked round.  Behaviour as usual was fantastic.




We've got a busy week ahead of us this week as we'll be designing and making our memory boxes.  Please remember that we would love you to join us on Wednesday 5th December to put all of our memories into the boxes and place them on our special display.



Week 10 - 12th November 2018


Another great week for attendance with 98%.  Well done to Class 1 and let's keep it going.  We will win the trophy one week!


School Council 

The children voted last week for their representative from our class.  The person who received the most votes was Tillie Martin, with Harper Mason as her deputy.  They received badges to wear with pride.  We look forward to hearing the news from the school council meetings. 


Our Special visitors...

We had some very special visitors in school this mum and dad. 

The children asked them some amazing questions and found out lots about my childhood.  The children were so interested and keen to find out.  Another very proud teacher moment.





Thank you to all of those children who are completing their homework for the memory box.  I can imagine it was really hard work last week, having to eat a packet of sweets!!!

For homework this week, please can the children bring in their favourite toy which we will take a photo of and send home again.  The toy will not need to stay in school.  Thank you.


Remembrance Day

The children have created some beautiful poppies using their hand prints and these are to go on display in the atrium.  We also made poppies by sticking love heart shapes together and we thought about why we were making the poppies.  We will be joining the school with a two minute silence at 11am on Monday 12th November.


Plans for the week...

On Wednesday, we will be going for a walk around our local area and identifying some of the features of the local environment.  We will then be creating maps from what we have seen.   Let's hope that the weather will be kind to us.


Week 9 - 5th November, 2018

The children have all settled in well after their week at home and we managed to get a gold star for attendance this week so the children were excited about that.


Mrs Green spoke to the children in assembly about the school council and asked for a representative from each class.  Lots of children put their names forward and we had a class vote on Friday.  We will let you know the results this week.  


Thank you to all who attended for our project launch family tea party last Thursday. It was great to see so many people there.  Thank you as well for the information that you provided about your children.  It will be very useful in the coming weeks.  The children worked really hard getting the tea party ready.........


and it was a great success.





Ask the children about our special visitors for this week.....


Reading Challenge

We've got a number of children on our green reading chart which means that they have read four times a week but we would love to see more children getting their 'Fab Fiver' stickers for five, six and seven reads in the week.  Thank you for your help with this.



Please remember that the children needed to either draw a picture of their family, provide a photo or email a photo into school for last weeks homework.

This week, all the children need to do is collect a wrapper from their favourite sweet or chocolate bar and an empty packet from their favourite crisps and bring them into school.    All of the items that we are asking for will go in the children's special memory which we will create at the end of the project. 

Thank you again for your help with this.




Week 8 29th October 2018

Our new project for this half term is 'Memory box' and we will be thinking all about our families and special times.  We will be finding out about what we could do as a baby and what we can do now.   Listen out for our special visitors who will tell you all about Mrs Mountain as she grew up.  We will be thinking about how toys have changed and looking at things in the local environment.

Please look out for the special invites from the children for our 'Family tea party' on Thursday 1st November at 2.30 pm.   

Week 7  15th October 2018


Spellings for this week.  To be tested for Friday 19th October









Please keep the homework sheets at home to practice before Friday.  Thank you.


Christmas Cards

The children have come home this week with the Christmas cards that they have created in school.  Please complete the order form and return to school if you would like to buy some of these.  The cards are amazing and the children worked really hard to create them and how wonderful would they be to send out to friends and relations.  

Our Class Share Time 

This afternoon (Tuesday) we invited the parents in to join us to see what the children have been doing over this half term.  It was lovely to see many parents attending and the children finished the afternoon with some songs and some dancing.  Thank you to those parents who shared it with us.


Penny Wars

What a great time the children are having with their penny war jars.  The children have found it really funny and they're definitely getting into the competitive spirit.  It's certainly been making us laugh as the children are sneaking into other classes and putting silver coins in the jars.  Thank you to all who are supporting us with this. What a fantastic idea.  



We're moving on to a new project after the half term holidays.  We're having a special event on Thursday 1st November and we'd love for you to attend.  The children will be writing a special invitation for you after the holidays so keep a look out for that.  


Thank you again for all of your support over the last few weeks and we're so proud of how the children have settled into their Year One class and we're looking forward to lots more exciting things after the holidays.




Week 6 8th October, 2018


Class 1 were all awarded their official zookeeper badges last week and they wrote some fantastic instructions about being a zookeeper.  I was so proud of the work the children produced. 


We found out about what our pets liked to eat and we went over to the wildlife area to see if we could find our animals a suitable home.


We had some great smiles for our photographer on Friday and it will be lovely to see the final  photographs.


Thank you to all of the parents who attended for parent's evening.  It was great to let you know how well the children have settled into their Year 1 class.  


Reading Challenge

I was really pleased with the amount of children who were 'green' readers this week.  This means that they have read four or more times  each week.  Please continue to do this as it is really beneficial for the children to be reading on a regular basis.  Thank you for your support with this.


Spellings for this week









These will be tested on Friday 12th October.  Thank you.






Week 5 1st October 2018

What another fantastic week we've had in Class 1.  Something strange happened in the classroom and a bottle of magic dust appeared.  It turned us all into zookeepers so we could find out about the jobs that a zookeeper has to do in their day.

The children were amazing zookeepers although I was a bit worried when lots of them said that their best job of the day was cleaning up animal poo!! 

We're going to be looking at the writing a list of instructions this week.  We might  see if other children in the school want to take it on as a job when they've read what they have to do!!


Reading challenge

Thank you to all of you who have helped your children to be 'green' readers and an extra thank you to those children who were a 'fab fiver'.  It is really important for the children to be reading regularly at home and we'd love to see more children becoming 'green' readers each week.



The children are still desperate to have their hands on the attendance trophy (well probably more the sweets that are in it!)  so please may I  remind about how important it is to have children in school and at the correct time.  Classroom doors are now open in a morning from 8.40am.  Thank you for your help with this.


Weekly spellings









Please complete the sheet that comes home with the children each Monday and then keep the sheet at home to have a go through the week.  The children will have a fun spelling test on Fridays.  Thank you again for your help with this.






Week 4 24th September, 2018

What a fantastic and busy week we had last week.  We went over to the wildlife area to look for  butterflies and then we wrote all about it.  We've been looking at 1 more and 1 less in our maths.  We've been looking at a map of the world and finding out which continents different animals come from.   We did some great singing in music and I do apologise if the children came home singing Hey you!.  It was so catchy. 





Children are now going to be having a little spelling test on a Friday.  They will bring home a sheet with their weekly spellings on which will allow them to practice their spellings by copying the words and then covering them over to check.   Please have a go at these with your children through the week. 


Spellings for this Friday 28th September are:









Please continue to read with your children at home.  We'd love for everybody to read four times a week and be a 'green' reader.  If your child reads 5 or more times then they will be a 'Fab Fiver' and will receive a special sticker in assembly.



The children are desperate to win the enormous attendance trophy and let's see if we can go for it this week.


Thank you for your support with all of the above.  Your support is always greatly appreciated.

Welcome to Class 1!


 A very big welcome to Class 1 and Mrs Mountain and what an exciting term we've got ahead of us. 

Our project for this half term is 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers'.  We're going to be learning all about different animals, where they live and what they eat.

We started our project with a trip to The Jungle Zoo in Cleethorpes where all of the children had a fantastic day and were very well behaved.

We listened to the zookeeper telling us about the different animals.   We all thought the meerkats were rather cute, the tortoise was enormous, the monkeys were very naughty and we weren't too sure about stroking the snake!

Image result for jungle zoo cleethorpesImage result for jungle zoo cleethorpes



Reading Challenge

Children need to be reading at home at least four times per week.  Stickers will be awarded in assembly for those children reading four times or more (but only one read a day will be allowed) and a 'dojo' will be awarded for each read through the week.  Please encourage your child with this.  Thank you



Weekly spellings - to be practised for Fridays each week

The children will come home with a Look, Cover, Write, Check sheet which we would love you to practise with them through the week.  Children will then have an activity sheet to complete in class on a Friday.

Week 1 (17th September)








PE days

Our PE days are Mondays and Tuesdays so children will need to have their full kit in school for these days (t-shirt, shorts and PE shoes).  Can we please ask that all earrings are removed before school.  Thank you.